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trying to wait patiently

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My husband's consult is tomorrow to schedule the biopsy of the mass in his lung. I have managed to get some control of the racing "disaster fantasies" that plagued me in the first couple of days after discovering the mass, but I do have questions rattling around that I wonder if any of you can help with. Here goes:

Is it likely that the CT of the lungs that confirmed the 3 cm mass would have shown us if there were more, smaller spots in the lungs? I'm wondering if, since the radiologist didn't mention anything else in the report if it is safe to assume that there is only the one mass?

Does anyone know how long I might expect it to take to get the results of the biopsy?

We don't have copies of any of the reports so far. Should we be asking for those for our own records and should the docs willingly give them? Seems like we have been the last ones with information so far . . . frustrates me and I want someone to give us ALL the information, not just an abbreviated view.

I'm having trouble with trust because of our experience with my husband's mom. She went to the doctor last July and they failed to diagnose her properly. Her cancer metastasized and she died on March 2nd. This is not a good mental framework with which to enter our current situation.

Thanks for your thoughts.


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Hi Chris,

Our experience with getting the results of a biopsy was that it came quickly. Hank was hospitalized for pneumonia, they did a CT scan in the hospital, saw a mass, did a needle biopsy, and had the results within 24 hours.

I'm assuming that your husband is not hospitalized at this point. So, maybe it's going to take a little longer. I know you're sitting on pins and needles waiting for the results. But, try and relax.

Hoping for the best for you,


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I have ALL copies of everything - my scans, MRIs, even my blood work. I keep a cancer "bible" with everything in it - appts, chemo dates, etc. Thay way, my husband will have all the information should he need it. I have never had a problem with them giving me these reports, and if they had, I would have demanded them!! They work for us, we have the right to have them.

Now, I have to say, in the beginning I went thru the initial scan and looked up every word on the internet to try to put it all together and made myself crazy.....I think by the time I was done, I thought I had more than just cancer!! Now I just like to have them to see if the masses are growing or shrinking and it gives me an opportunity to speak more intelligently to the onc.

Good luck! I know the waiting is horrible, trust me, we have all been there, done that!!

Hugs - Patti B.

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We don't have copies of any of the reports so far. Should we be asking for those for our own records and should the docs willingly give them?

Yes and yes! When I'm getting prepped for a CT scan I tell the technician I'd like a CD, and it's given to me a few minutes after the scan is done. On my last visit they also made me a CD of a scan I had there several months earlier. For PET scans, I tell the receptionist -- those are at a different facility which has a slightly different setup. Then when I see the oncologist a few days later to discuss the scans, I ask him for a copy of the radiologist's report. There's never been any hesitation, charge, or special authorization required for any of these. Aloha,


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I'm sorry that you are going through the agony of tests and waits now. It's the pits and my heart goes out to you.

I'll echo what the other's have said --- get your hands on every report. They copy them and will give them to you willingly. Start a file. I got copies of every single scan, x-ray, blood test, etc. I even made sure I had either the original or copies of the actual PET/CT scans themselves. Not just the reports.

Initial biopsy results should come back very quickly, as my husband was on the operating table and they knew before he was closed up. The more finite tests, if this proves to be LC, will take a few days for sub-type staining, cell-differentiation, etc.

Best of luck to your lovely family,


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My prayers go out to your family, 37 is the age of my son, so my hearts breaks for you, keep the faith and stay positive. Research if you must, I think most of us have, just so we get a grip on what to ask and what to look for.

We got a report and cd on all test, just tell them you need them, we also had no problem with that. I also made a bible and it has come in handy, because a lot of time you cannot remember dates and times of when things happen.

My husband is stage 4 and everything only showed 1 tumor but after surgery there were 2, one covered the other. It did not make any difference in our case.

His biopsy was done as an out patient and we were told the results the following week, once the path results were done.

The waiting game is hard and can weigh on you but just keep the faith, God will prevail.


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I can not add much more, and like most others I have

every piece of medical information on my husband and

have copied it all twice. For Alan's scans I have

both the CD's and written reports. The one needle

biopsy he had we had pathology report with in 48 hours.

His original broncoscopy results were same day.

Many prayers are coming your way. So very sorry you are having to deal with all of this,

but do not hesitate to ask questions.

So much information to be shared by the caring memebers of this board.

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I am newly diagnosed too,and I asked for all my scan's bloodwork, biospy etc. and always received everything without hesitation. Speak up, it;s your right to receive it.

Good look with the tratments, it's not easy, but you can always get help from all the wonderful peolpe on this board.


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