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Tentative PET scan report


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After my 12/20/07 CT scan showed my original tumor had begun growing again (from 2-3 cm.), my oncologist ordered a PET/CT, which not only confirmed the growth, but also identified at least two newly-enlarged pre-tracheal lymph nodes (near base of wind pipe).

I went on Tarceva (150 mg.) on 01/22/08, but a 2nd scan on 03/26/08 showed even more growth (from 3 to 4 cm), but no further growth in lymph nodes and no additional metastasis.

Because of this--together with the fact that I continue to have energy and be relatively pain-free; and the oncologist's report that the center of the tumor might be showing necrosis (dead cells)--my oncologist felt that it was possible that the Tarceva was having a clinical benefit despite the growth.

He then ordered a PET scan which I had today, with the hope that it would show that at least part of the tumor consisted of dead cells; and also to monitor for further metastasis.

I have not yet received the radiologist's report (probably before the end of the week); however, I did get a CD copy of the scan; and to my untrained eye, it appears that this is a case of "mixed reviews;" i.e., a comparison of this scan to the 01/04 scan (1) definitely shows further growth; amd (2) definitely shows increase in metabolic activity (higher SUV); but (3) I see no further metastasis and the pre-tracheal lymph nodes seem to be the

same size and number.

While I would have loved to see the lights "dim" on the original tumor and lymph nodes, I am exceedingly pleased about the apparent lack of further metastasis, so I'm already doing the "Happy Dance" here even though I don't have radiologitst's report yet (one learns quickly following an LC dx that anything positive, no matter how minute, is worthy of a mighty celebration! :lol:

I'll report back in once I get the formal radiologist's report, but in the meantime, please feel free in joining me in happy dancing (the Mick Jagger-David Bowie video version)! :D

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I am glad you're staying on the Tarceva, if it is stabilizing things that would be wonderful. I know some members are doing Tarceva and Avastin, you might want to ask about adding that drug. Let us know the "official" report when you get it.


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Hi, Rochelle and thanks!

As to Avastin, it is contraindicated in my case (as is Nexavar) because I'm squamous cell (as versus adenocarcinoma, BAC, etc.).

In the meantime, however, I just noticed that I somehow managed to post the above without including my Happy Dance link to "Dancing in the Streets" (Shame on me! :lol:) so here it is for those care to join me:

http://videos22.wordpress.com/2008/04/0 ... he-street/

Thanks again, Rochelle.


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I love your attitude that "Happy Dancing" is definitely in order.

Of course, the video of Jagger and Bowie was enough to get me started on a happy note for the day - feet tapped right along. :lol:

Keeping you in my very best thoughts, as always,


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