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Sigh of relief here


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Background--report from CAT reported a nodule on the adrenal gland, not a cyst. 9mm and it had shown on the last scan, no change.

That had the red flags flapping.

Saw the urologist who said the kidneys were good, and the other issue from the scan was probably scar tissue from a long ago surgery. Recommended scanning in a year and then an office visit.

I asked him about the adrenal gland and he called it a benign something something,(he had the name) , and wasn't worried about it.

I got out of dodge quickly!!!


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That's great and you are funny. Kind of like the IKEA commercial where the lady can't believe the deals she has got and runs out of the store and screams at her husband to "start the car", and they peel out of their real fast. Continued best wishes

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