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Hank is home.

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Hello everybody,

Hank was released from the hospital today. Apparently the pneumonia is taking it's time clearing out completely, but the doctor felt there is no need for him to continue to be hospitalized. I hope that within the next several days we will continue to see further improvement. So, he's happy to be here, I'm happy he is here. (Driving back and forth to that hospital every day is tiring, since it's about an hour drive from here.)

Don't know when we're going to get back on treatment schedule, but I'll talk to the doctor tomorrow and find out what the plan is.

Thanks everybody, stay tuned! :D


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Gail - how wonderful that you and Hank can relax at home while he continues to recover from his pneumonia - stubborn pneumonia! I'll be keeping you both in my thoughts that he feels better with each passing hour (I think getting out of the hospital will help somewhat!). Keep us posted.


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Hello Gail,

Sorry that I'm just getting around to reading your post. but I am so happy that Hank has returned home.

Those daily trips are over, thankfully, and I'm sure he is soooo happy to be with you. :)

Hoping for Hank's continued improvement and better breathing and energy levels.

Blessings wished for you both,


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