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Hank is still in the hospital

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Hi everyone,

Well. I don't know which way this situation is heading. In my last report to you I told you that the oncologist had reviewed a recent x-ray and told me that things looked improved and that Hank was doing some walking around.

I was then in touch with the pulmonologist who told me that she did'nt see much improvement in that same x-ray.

A new x-ray was taken yesterday and the pulmonologist told me that yes, it did look improved. Meanwhile, Hanks breathing is changeable, meaning sometimes it's better than at other times, but at no time anywhere near what I would consider good. He is losing strength. He thinks because of being in bed so much with no exercise.

I asked the pulmomologist what the plan is. She said that they had thrown everything they have to throw at it. I asked when he could come home. She was non-committal. My guess is that they're thinking that since there is an improvement in the x-ray, they'll hold onto him for a while longer and hope for further improvement. My other thought is, that they don't think he'll improve, and are just afraid to send him home, because he'll get here and just have to go right back or maybe just die! But, if that were the case, I would think that they would tell me to just take him home under hospice care.

I don't know guys. But, this is so hard. Everyday I wake up and wonder, will this be the day that he really shows improvement and can come home? Will this be the day that I get a call from the hospital telling me he's died? I'm living on the edge here. It's really, really hard.

Thanks for listening guys.


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My heart is breaking as I read this post. I am so hoping that Hank can turn things around.

Hang in there and please let us know if there is ANYTHING we can do for you. I will be continuing to keep you both in my thoughts and prayers.

Hugs - Patti B.

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Hey everybody,

Saw Hank today, when he woke up this morning he felt that he was breathing better. His blood oxygen level read 97% at rest, which is quite good. But as soon as he starts moving around he gets short of breath.

Saw the pulmonologist today, she said that todays x-ray looks even better than the last. But for some reason this is not translating into better breathing. I don't know, maybe it'll just take time. She also said that he's been in the hospital for a long time, and if they did'nt think that they could further improve this situation they would send him home today.

So, apparently, they still have hope, and are not giving up on this. I hope they're right!

Thanks guys,


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Hi, Gail.

I so hope you'll be able to bring Hank home. I can't help but believe that both of you will be better if he's there rather in the hospital.

I'm glad his breathing is better, even if only when he's at rest (And I know the feeling; my own jumps around all the time depending on my activity).

My thoughts are with you, Gail. Consider yourself hugged!


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