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My mom is getting knee surgery tomorrow....


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We know in the scheme of things that knee surgery is no big deal, like a scrape on the knee compared to many other things, but since it is still a surgery and anasthesia, please think good thoughts!

Thanks :) How funny that 4 1/2 years ago we would have made a big deal about knee surgery. Now it is like just another little tiny thing ;)

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How so very right you are, Andrea, about how things look to many of us today ~ compared to years ago. Neverthless, good thoughts for a great outcome on the knee! Now she'll be running circles around you AND after those babies!!!!!


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Don't ask me about parents getting knee surgery Dads was not pretty! I hope and pray your moms goes much better and the recovery is smoother for her!!! Thoughts and Prayers Andrea!!

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So glad things went well with the surgery for your Mom. :D

May the rehab go smoothly and am sending best vibes and prayers.

I have seen many with very good results on knee surgery over the years, most especially in more recent years.


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Yep, surgeries other then being lung related appear to be "no big deal!" When the doc's say, you need knee surgery, or you need back surgery, or you need arm surgery, we ask, "Is it cancer?" when they say NO we sigh and so, "On as long as it's not cancer then that's fine!" :roll::wink:8)

Hope mom is recovering well. Give her my GET WELL WISHES please!

She's going to be as good as a 30 year old if she keeps up this surgery stuff. LOL LOL LOL Give her my love!

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