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Round 2 Stage IIIB


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After 2 great scans, 10/07 and 1/08, I was free to be me! I went back to work and the world was looking a little brighter. Scan 5/08, a disaster! My cancer was back with a vengeance. MSKCC told me I had exhausted all available TX. We cried, I asked my onc "are you going to dump me"? He shot back, "I am a Dr with ethics!!!!" PS much research done by my husband Jerry a week later we were in Cancer Camp ( Cancer Treatment Centers of America, Philly) After 1 (one ) Tx carbo, taxol and avastin my CEA went from 395 to 252!! thats down about 35%, and MSKCC wanted to put me, ME on hospice!

Next Tx 8/08. I'm bald and my head itches but I'll take it.

It says my profile is to long, it will take a month of Sundays to revise that but hea, now I know I have the time :). And all of you,


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I am so sorry that the damn cancer came back. I hate cancer!!!!

I have always wondered about the Cancer Treatment Centers of America - have always thought if need be that would be an option for me, too.

Wishing you the best of luck with the treatments and hope you kick some cancer butt BIG time!!!

My thoughts and prayers are with you!!

Hugs - Patti B.

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Hi Mary. I am a stage 3b rounder 2'r as well. So I know exactly how devastated you were. I was back at work full time for 5 months as well. But I am now on round 2, working very limited hours...and have regained a fighting spirit...as have you. Continued best wishes with your fight


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Wow so sorry about his diagnosis. After all the anxiety he certainly took the bull by the ears and did somehting, that seems to be working. That is GREAT! At least now you can BREATHING room.

My husband is now on round 3. But I have a question. They said it was back with a vengence.... wasn't he having regular 3 month Ct scans?

Good luck,


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