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Wow - I just noticed that the last time I signed in was in February of this year! Sorry to have been away so long, even though I usually only tend to read and not post. Good news is I have no bad news to report! March 1, 2008 marked my 2 year anniversary since I underwent surgery. My last scan (12/07) was NED and my next one is not scheduled until 12/08. For those who remember, I posted my story "The Race" in the My Story section back in November of 2007 and I am happy to report that I am still running and doing well, everything considered. I've done several shorter races and recently completed my second half - marathon. I hope to do a third one this fall. So much for my update - I actually feel guilty talking about how well I am doing. I was just very lucky that my cancer was "accidentally" discovered in a relatively early stage during a routine physical (in fact, if I hadn't asked for a chest x-ray, I'm sure it would not have been found until much later, with much different results). Even though I went through surgery to remove half my left lung and 4 rounds of chemo as a preventive course, my guilty feelings come when I see what a vast majority of others have had (and continue) to endure through their journeys. My utmost respect and my daily prayers go out to each and everyone who fights the good fight in this battle. Thank you for letting me share my thoughts and feelings. I promise to be back sooner than later - Jerry

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Jerry, Thanks for checking in. You posted your story around the time I joined. The fact that so much time went by before you realized you hadn't posted is a good thing--time flies when you're having fun! Hope you are. You are a poster child for early detection.

Judy in Key West

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Thanks, everyone, for the "welcome back" and I hope all is well with you. Life continues to go on and I think now I will "cruise" some of the other threads here - it has been awhile.....

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