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update on Joel 8/29/08/ see Good news


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I sent this email out to my friends and family and I'm copying you guys so you know what is going on since you are my "other family"

Hi to my family and friends,

Update on Joel,

Joel saw the doctor yesterday who is going to insert the 4 pellets around the nodule site. This is the first procedure before the cyberknife is performed. Just to refresh your memory about Cyberknife. The pellets acts like a GPS so when the Cyberknife is performed it injects mega amounts of radiation into the lung area. With his movements (GPS) it goes to the pellet area that is surrounding the tumor and zaps it. This whole procedure if done correctly is pain free and no side effects.

There is a slight problem in Joel’s case. The problem is the location of his tumor is in an area where they cannot reach it through the normal method of inserting it through the mouth to the lung area. That is the ideal and common method as you are sleeping you wake up and go home. Then you wait a week and have the cyberknife treatments.

Unfortunately where his tumor is located they will not be able to reach it through that normal method, so they will have to go through his back to insert the pellets. Of course we were hoping that would not be the case. There are 4 pellets to be inserted so this will be done 4 times. He will have to be semi awake for this procedure.

The problem is, the doctor feels there is a strong possibility that because they have to do this 4 times(in a row) that there is a strong possibility that they can collapse the lung leaving him breathing with just his ½ lung on the left side. But of course they will be prepared for this. If this happens they may have to put a tube in to keep the lung inflated. That’s about all I know right now.

He is having the procedure done next Wednesday at 7 AM (at least the doctor is a morning person :D ) Also there is a possibility that if the lung does collapse he may have to stay in the hospital overnight for them to monitor it.

There are times set up for the cyberknife procedure but I don’t have that information on me right now. Let’s first get through this.

Will keep you informed and please send out good thoughts his way.

Please don’t take this as being negative as we are very excited that he is having the cyberknife done and no operation is involved. It is what it is and we will just take one step at a time.

Take care, and I thank you all for your good thoughts and support. We appreciate it more than you can possibly know.


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Sounds like a plan, Maryanne, and a good one. Hopefully going in through the back doesn't pose any type of difficulty for Joel and that you both will be ready for Saturday!!! You know Fred and I are wishing you much luck and crossing all we got (Teddy too) for nothing but perfect results.

See you next wee.


Kasey (Fred too)

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