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Random Question - Tuesday September 2


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We have had a few earthquakes here...believe it or not Cleveland is right over a fault line but never really bad. And then there are the tornadoes we get every year - when I was a kid one ripped down the next street over - really bad. And one other time I was with some friends and a tornado hit - we spend so much time trying to quiet the kids and protect them that we didn;t get a lot of time to do anything else.

Thanks God thats all we have had here - except of course for the blizzards in the winter - we get that lake effect snow!! :cry::cry:

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I have been through a fire....about 8 years ago, we lost everything, including a cat, a turtle, and a rabbit, but God spared our 4 daughters and my husbands mother who were home when the fire broke out.

When I lived in Oklahoma, I saw many tornadoes, and here in Illinois we have had our share of them also.

We had a small earthquake here a few months ago. It shook my house a little, but thats about it (thank God)


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For me the closest would have to be a flood... I had my fair share or what floods are like this past June... if any one remembers me saying that I had to walk to get home in water up to my waist with 2 kids... Ugh...

We have not had a tornado in this area since 1974.. I was 3mo old.. but happend to be in a differant city at the time visting my Grandparents.

And of course we have blizzards.. but come to think of it, nothing to major as of late.. we are more likely to get frigid temps!

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Earthquakes - the biggest being a 6.4 in Alaska...my second day there!

...and the last two years have brought the most snow I've ever seen in the 20 I've lived in Michigan... Real blizzards and white-out conditions so bad my boss told me not to chance driving to work!

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Tornados when we lived in MN, WI, MI, and OK. A couple were pretty close to us. My parents had a fire in their home, but I was at college at the time - no injuries or deaths, big losses, tho. An earthquake the year we lived in San Diego and another one when we were visiting my brother-in-law in San Diego in 1994. We were on the edge of a hurricane in Virginia a couple days after my first chemo infusion in 2003.


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