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An Update on Mr Mike


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Thought I'd let you all know of the "latest". Today Mike had an appointment with his oncologist for another round of chemo.

I thought Mike was going to quit chemo but when we got there and he asked the doctor if the chemo was doing anything....The doctor told him he felt that the chemo was slowing down the growth of the cancer. That was all Mike needed to hear! He went for the chemo again. This man is amazing!

The doctor looked at Mike and said "You gained another 2 pounds! You hemoglobin came up - your platelets are up and your white cell count is up!" Then he looked at Mike - sat down on his stool and said "The type of cancer you have you SHOULD NOT be here. I really didn't expect to see you at this appointment". (WHAT???) Then he said "The very fact that you are here and you are still eating, gaining weight, well......it's amazing! Then he took a deep breath and looked at me and said "It's just a miracle."

Finally - The "M" word....The word I have been trying to get him to understand.....That in spite of statistics, odds, facts, etc....Mike is STILL here. That is a miracle!

Mike smiled and said...."let's do the chemo...."

Are we on the right course? Is this what God wants us to do? I don't know....all I know is that Mike is still breathing, still walking, still talking, still eating and STILL GAINING WEIGHT! The doctor said if the chemo wasn't being at least slowing the cancer's progression....that he wouldn't be gaining....he would be losing. That's all Mike needed to hear.

So friends....Don't give up praying. I don't know what the future holds for Mike...but your prayers ARE protecting him, strengthening him and encouraging him. God is a good God...regardless of the outcome. And God is being moved by your prayers. That's the only thing that can explain why Mike is doing so well.

So in spite of cat scans that show the opposite...Mike seems to be holding his ground with the cancer. Do I understand this? No....do I need to? No.....I'm just grateful for every day God gives us together.

Oh - and by the way - Mike's LDH count wasn't 285 as I had thought....Last time it was 477. This time it was 463. The doctor said it's considered "holding stable"... I still think 463 is LESS than 477! LOL It's going the right direction anyway! (To explain...the LDH count goes up as the cancer activity and cancer cells increase.)

So as they say "keep those cards and letters coming...." I'll paraphrase...."keep those prayers and petitions coming...."

Thank you all so much for your love, support and prayers.

Love and hugs,

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Mrs Mike,

A while ago you posted that Mike was using weight gain. There have been some studies that show whey protein may act as a chemo-sensitizer (make the chemo more effective)

Is Mike still using weight gain?? Basically it reduces the glutithione an anti-oxidant in the cancer cells. This seems to make them more sensitive to chemo

Great News! Show every how it can be beaten.


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I'm so happy for you and Mike. I'm so glad to see posting and inspiring us again. You guys are so amazing and your posts fill me with hope and faith. I will continue to pray for you and Mike with all of my heart.

That God will continue to bless you everyday with miracles..


"Trust in the lord with all your heart and lean not on thy own understanding in all of your ways acknowledge him, he will direct your paths.."

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Shannon - that is wonderful news. I have been reading your posts for a while now and your positive and upbeat attitude is so motivational. And isn't it so awesome to read Lynn's post! I, like you, would be so grateful if my husband could be given 20 years remission.

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Hi Shannon and Mr Mike!

What good news!!! Mike you must be part BULL??!!! hehehe!! Or maybe I'm thinking OX!!! hehehe! What ever, I sure am glad your one STRONG GUY!!! :wink: I will safe the CHAT for when I give you two a call.

Just know that I am paying attention to how things are going with you two.

Prayers, Prayers and More Prayers. And Shannon guess what? I am still doing that begging thing with Our Lord for a BIGGER Miracle!! :)

Warm and Gentle Hugs,

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