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My Friend Greg died today

Cindy RN

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My friend Greg Maxwell had colon cancer with mets to liver and other organs. He went home with hospice about a month ago and he died today. Greg and I went to HS together and he married one of my dear friends. He was a devout Christian so he and the family were at peace but our loss will be felt for along time. Please keep us in your prayers. Cindy

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I am sorry for the loss of your friend. It is so hard to loose the ones we love. We desperately need a cure for this awful disease. Our hearts keep breaking for our families, friends and neighbors that are taken from us too soon. May God Bless us all with a "Cure" for cancer. Jesus we ask this in your name. By your stripes, we are healed... Thank you Jesus

God's Blessing to All


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Dear Cindy,

I am so very sorry that you have lost your dear friend Greg. It is so hard to lose someone so dear to you. I too have lost a friend 3 months ago to sclc, and I still miss him every day. But I also have some great memories which will stay tucked away in my heart, he was such a fun person. I know you will also keep your special memories of Greg in your heart. Praying for a "cure" for cancer, that d***ned disease!


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I am so sorry for Greg's death....I had just been looking if he had answered thev posts when I saw the new one on his death.

I am very sorry to learn that he died .It seems so unexpectedly quick.

This is such a terrible illness.Sorry very much for your loss.


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