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The 8th


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Vent away its the best thing to do to cope with the madness!!! Scream yell write , just get it all out!! Hugs and Prayers for You and the Family!

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I'm so sorry. Iknow you've heard it before but it just takes time....

I hate being an orphan too...

I'm right there with you, saying a prayer and hoping the days ahead are gentler on you.


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You will one day have an 8th where you don't cry. I can't say when it happens...but my mom passed on the 5th of October, I can tell you not an hour gores by where I don't miss her, but 3 days ago, the fact that it was a 5th didn't strike me as significant as a "5th".

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Thank you. Something funny happened this morning. I was sleeping and a noise in the kitchen woke me up. I got up and went in to the kitchen and Mom was there. I went up and hugged her and said, "You're here, you're really here". She put her arm around me and patted my head and said, "Yes I'm really here, where else would I be". Then the puppy woke me up. Stupid dog :!: That was the first time I've dreamed about Mom.


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Hi Dana,

you were lucky that she communicated with you through your dreams. Souls can do that if needed and you needed her for all the grief you are going through. She is letting you know that she is fine and loves you and is by your sid


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