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I got the results of my scan. Had a CT of chest and abdomen on 7-13, NED. Have been anemic for a week or so. Went in for a couple units of blood Tuesday, spent the day in the hospital. Bllodwork every other day. Now my white counts are down. Postponed my chemo that was scheduled today. Met with rad. and med oncologists today. very pleased with the scan results, not so happy with my breating, coughing, paleness, sores breaking out all over, general crappy feeling. I'm scheduled for onc. appts. every 2 weeks for the next 2 months. Got an adorable new puppy, 2 month old Welsh Corgi Cardigan, adopted him from the animal shelter, smart as a whip, cute as a bugs ear. Cheers me up.

See ya.


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Whoo hoo - NED is wonderful!!! Hope you get the "general crappy feeling" taken care of quick.

Congratulations on your new puppy - don't they just make you smile! Just remember how cute he is when he chews up your slippers :) !!!

Seriously, I hope you feel better really soon Donny.


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Yep.......I agree with Susan ~ just keep the good ahead of the bad. Here's hoping that the docs can get you feeling a bit better so you can enjoy that NED report! Don'tcha just love 'im? Puppy got a name? Teddy is asking :wink: !


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Congrats on the great scan!!! YOU ROCK!!!!

Hopefully the crappy feeling is from all the chemo just blasting the stupid damn cancer out!!! Its worth it feeling crappy if thats the reason.

A new puupy - how sweet!!! Pets just make ya feel so good - when I feel bad I call my kitty to curl up next to me and she makes me feel good all over!!!

Hoping you feel better soon!!!

Hugs - Patti B.

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Love my new puppy, Maxwell is his name. He's amazingly smart for 2 months old. Quite independent too, doesn't whine much at all. Barks his fierce little puppy bark at everyone in the neighborhood when they walk by. I am really woooohooooing today at NED. Still feeling run down but sooooo what. I am cured. The relay for life folks here in town are extremely amazed, they don't hear of anyone with such good news of lung cancer too often around here. Our relay for life is 2 weeks from tomorrow and I've been asked to entertain at the opening ceremonies, what an honor. Life is good cuz GOD is awesome.

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