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Holy Cow!


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You know...there is something about going in and expecting bad news, that ends up turning into some good news, that has to be one of the best feelings ever! That happened today.

The PET my dad had this morning does not show a malignancy...I'll be dogg! Of course, we all know that PETs have their downsides, so Mayo plans to take out the "spot" anyway to be on the safe side...while in there they are going to test the "spot" and if it is odd in any way they are going to remove the upper lobe of the lung to be safe.

We considered this great news today and are thrilled. At least we know that cancer isn't running rampant in his body. The docs did a number of tests on lung functions and heart workings..."You are a very healthy man, except for this really odd spot you have." What great news to hear!

So...we are again in wait mode as the bronch will be on Thursday...with surgery to follow immediately if needed.

Thank you all for your prayers and may you keep them coming. They have helped us so much along this road...you are all such a blessing to me...my lung cancer family.



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