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CT scan update


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We "FINALLY" got the comparison ct results back. Impression states improvement...improvement...improvement! :D Also the thrombosis they suspected earlier is just normal plaque in the jugular vein ! :D Also says they suspect bone mets and recommend a bone scan....that's fine cuz the last scan said just arthritis and we're sticking to that one for sure too ! :D

We've decided to stop the gemzar/carbo due to all the constant transfusions and will begin Tarceva in a couple days. I want a few days so he can get some strength back. But I did manage to get him into the spa today for a bit of water therapy. Poor guy is sleeping it off now! ha ha Bless his heart! :D

A special thank you to all my friends here and your prayers. Please keep them coming because I believe God is listening to all of us!

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It was just a couple days ago that we got the CT comparisons with good news. And I was certainly very happy....then suddenly today I'm feeling so frightened and I'm wondering if this is normal? Am I bracing myself emotionally for the "other shoe to drop"? I should be floating on air yet I find myself in tears :cry:

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Sorry Michelle,

Sounds just like me! I should be happy but? I think it's just the rollercoaster of cancer and treatment. It got to the point I had to go to my shrink and get on medication. No kidding! You are reacting perfectly normal for someone in this horrific un-normal situation!

Dana :wink:

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Michelle, it is so normal to feel this way. You just got great news (which by the way WOO HOO, congratulations). I remember when we got good news I would feel so happy, then all of a sudden as a few days passed and the celebration would ease down, I wouldn't return to a normal mode, I would actually sink a bit low. I would think all sorts of things including guilt for feeling so happy when my husband still had cancer. I would think things like, good news now but what about next time. What is this next treament going to result in, how long can we keep the good news going.

It is normal to think and feel that way, but please try and remember to live for today. Be grateful for the things today. Celebrate the up sides as they truly do deserve joy and celebration. And do not borrow troubles from tomorrow. Do not let the thoughts of "what if" cloud and take away the happiness you've fought so long and hard to earn. With this journey there will be plenty of times we will feel down, plenty of times we will be scared and feeling battered. But this is not one of those times. Live for this moment. Stay in this moment as long as you can, until the time that something forces you out of it. And hopefully this moment of joy and happiness will continue on and on. Hopefully these great results are followed by more great results and then more. But if a time comes when the news is not so good, then by living in this joyous moment you will be able to look back and regret nothing becuase you did not waste a single precious moment in anxiety but enjoyed each second together.

I keep you in my prayers always. Smile, you have WONDERFUL news!!!

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