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Taking things 1 day at a time (Update)


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My 44 year old husband was diagnosed with adenocarcinoma of the lung on Oct 2nd of this year. He is not a smoker. He began chemotherapy on Oct 9th. I'm finding that this is just as emotional as it is physical.


Hello all! I thought that I would drop by to give an update on my hubby. He just completed his 1st 12 weeks of chemo. Things are looking very hopeful. The tumors in his lungs have shrunk down from half of their original sizes. His lympe nodes have went down significantly as well. They will continue treatments through March. He will then take another Pet Scan. His doctor is hoping that this will wipe out the remainder of the tumors and no surgery will have to be involved.

Now on to the other stuff. He finally broke down and told me that he was diagnosed as Stage 4. This is due to the mass that they found in his back. The doctors said that if the chemo doesn't get that...radiation will. Right now..they are really focusing on the tumors in his lung.

It has indeed been a roller coaster ride both physically and emotionally. His side effects are headaches, tiredness, mild diarreah and feet pain. We are just staying prayerful. With God all things are possible.

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You will find often when you visit here that we talk about the rollercoaster ride. That is a ride of emotions that can lift you to the heights only to plunge you back down to the depths. I know that you are frightened and feel alone right now. Believe me there are many of us here who understand your hopes and your fears.

Just take a deep breath and hold on for the ride of your life. I pray that it lasts a very long time and most of it is at the top and not the bottom. Please come often and let us know what is going on. You are always welcome and there are many here to give support and advice. Many prayers for you and your husband. Lillian

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I'm glad you found us. I think most of us felt a good bit of shock right after Dx. I can remember feeling as though I were just going through the motions for months after my mom's dx. It is every bit as emotional as physical--probably more so for the caregivers such as yourself.

We have many long term survivors on this board who will be happy to provide information and share experiences. IF you can tell us more about your husband's diagnoses--stage, what type of chemo, etc. we can help you with information that will help you both cope better.

In the meantime, just try to keep putting one foot in front of the other. Somedays that's the victory!


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Yes, this is an emotional roller coaster to say the least. Comes with the territory I guess. I am a survivor and some days I am floating on cloud nine after a good scan and then before the next scan, I suffer from terrible scanxiety.

Please let us know more about your husband and keep us posted on how BOTH of you are doing.

Hugs - Patti B.

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Hi, welcome to the group. By the way, I like the bit of advice you have in your signature section (at the bottom). My thoughts exactly.

I received my adenocarcinoma diagnosis over 3 years ago, and I'm still plugging along. You can read more than you ever wanted to know by following the link in my signature/profile section. I'm feeling pretty good, with my main limitation being lack of endurance and some shortness of breath on exertion, caused by persistent anemia from long-term chemo. So while the chemo is causing me more problems than the cancer is at present, I'm still alive thanks to chemo, so no complaints.

You mention that your husband is a nonsmoker and was 44 at diagnosis. Well, I was 71 at diagnosis, but it had been 43 years since I'd smoked, and while that's not quite comparable, there was a similar shock. I've learned that adenocarcinoma is the lung cancer type least connected to smoking, and I'm starting to believe that mine came about from exposure to "supposedly" noncarcinogenic chemicals in my printing business from 1985 thru 2006. Let us know what chemo your husband is on, and maybe we can provide some tips on dealing with side effects. Aloha,


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Thank u all for your comments! Right now he is on Carbo/Taxol. He is scheduled to do 12 weeks..3 on and 1 off. They also did a PET scan and found that he has cancer in his lympe nodes and in the bottom of his back (which we still have told our parents about). His dr said that he would treat the rest with radiation afterwards. This has really thrown us for a loop as he went to the dr thinking he had Bronchitis but he came home with the title of cancer. It took me about 3 weeks b4 I could even say the C word w/o crying.

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My husband also had adenoarcinoma. He worked for NASA for 42 years and was directly involved with space shuttle launching. I sometimes think all the fumes from that is what caused his cancer as well.

It's so sad that lung cancer has the least amount of funding because people automatically assume it's only smokers who get this. I'm so happy that the LCSC Foundation is bringing more awareness to lung cancer.

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The bad news is He has cancer but the Good news is that Your Hubby has the most common type of Lung Cancer!! therefore the most researched !!! That is a Plus and there are almost daily improvements and research being done to find a treatment for This Beast!

Many of our friends here also use another site for the Medical info. This site is a great source of support and comfort to many of us !! We do have an Oncologist that specializes in Lung Cancer treatments that donates what Little free time he has to help us !!

Click on this link ot go to His Site!! Many of our members are over there as well. Once again We use his Mind and knowledge for the Medical questions and the rest of them are here!!!


We are glad you found us and Hope that Someday no one will be here because there will be a cure for this disease but until then Welcome!!!!

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Welcome to our site - I am so happy that you found it. There are so many people here who understand just how shocked, scared and tired you are. I was diagnosed stage 4 - spread to my spine in 3 places and brain - almost 3 years ago - I was 48 and had also never smoked - so I understand your shock.

The people on this site will be so helpful to you - there is so much collective experience so ask questions - someone will be able to answer.

Some good news - there are many many long term survivors on this site - I am living a full and happy life - a little slower, with a little less hair - but full and happy 3 years after diagnosis - and I plan on many more -


prayers for both of you -


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I am so glad that you have found us, but of course, not glad for the reason.

You have come to a wonderful place to gather information and support.

When my husband was diagnosed with Stage 3B over four plus years ago, it was inoperable. Within that first year, he developed a metastasis to the neck and a short bit later, to the shoulder, and well over two years ago, completed whole brain radiation for a metastasis to the mid-brain.

He has had many chemotherapies, radiation and has come through all of them to land where we are now all this time after diagnosis.

Even with the many regimens, he has come through with flying colors. The most he has ever suffered was a certain fatigue that can be a side effect. The meds they have today for nausea and the like, can be very effective.

Has it been a roller coaster ride of feelings? Oh yeah, but on the good side, my husband and I have enjoyed almost five years of living with lung cancer.

We are now awaiting the birth of our first great granddaughter around Thanksgiving. :D:D


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