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Tuesday's Air


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You did not loose it. I just read it. It was under another Mondays Air, written on Tuesday.

Well it is still very cold and sub zero here in Minnesota but today they say we are going to go all the way to a possible 11 degrees! That is going to feel like a heat wave!

Have a great day.

Donna G

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Judy, that's pretty darned chilly for a KW morning. It was 39 while I was driving to work this morning. The sky was clear last night here and that made it even colder, without the clouds acting as insulation. everyone always makes fun of Floridians and their "thin blood" and that's alright, as I know I can't handle the cold weather like I could when I moved here. What I find funny is that Florida dogs and cats also seem to share out "thin blood." My golden retriever, the doxies and my cats have all wanted to be blanket wrapped to stay warm.

I feel really guilty complaining about our "cold" temps when so many of you are extremely cold!!! Hopefully, our citrus groves will be able to withstand this freaky cold spell. We always have a few days that will drop this low but what makes this record breaking is the length of time that's it's staying cold.

My cold is day # 7 today and the cough phase has begun. I can actually take a breath through my nostrils this morning. Not sure which is worse, the stuffy, drippy nose of the coughing. I hope all of you manage to evade this cold/bug that's making its rounds. There are so many people here that are sick!!!

Life is really slow and laid back for me this week, as it usually is at this time of year. Work is slow, as it seems to take people a couple of weeks to return to the "real world" after a holiday break. My boss is embarking on a new business venture, in addition to keeping the existing one. It sounds interesting and I'm sure I'll be busy. Nothing has been said about any additional $ for more work and I'm not asking. In this economy, workers are just afraid to rock the boat, as there are probably 500 people that would take my job in a heartbeat. So, I'll just tread along and hope for the best.

I sure hope everyone comes back and starts posting more on our MB. It's so much fun when we're all here together. I think Kasey and Fred need to open the Pub for a winter get-together and I think Becky Snowflake needs to start up the big blue bus and pick us all up for a trip to Hawaii!!! And YES....for those of you that don't know about the big blue bus.....we can get to Hawaii by bus!!! The big blue bus is quite magical and can do things and go places that would put fear in the hearts of most buses.

So....How about a road trip, Becky Snowflake? Just think of all the trip planning and discussing we can do. What to pack, what to eat, what music to listen to, where to stop, who to pick up????

Hope everyone has a nice day in your little corner of the world. Stay warm....body and heart!!!

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It was about 20 degrees in Orlando about 7 am. Very cold I think, but I didn't go outside to find out. Yes, we do need another bus trip. I'm wondering how the bus became blue. It was yellow (as I remember it) in Randy's picture. Anyway, whatever color, I'd love to go to Hawaii. I think we talked about this a year or two ago and I distinctly remember that NED did not invite us to stay at his house. I think he wanted to see us tho. We were a pretty crazy travel group then and he probably worried about having Patti and some of the others on his property. Many of us will be concerned about this trip if Patti insists on being the driver. I understand that as once she drove so fast that Denise didn't have time to get on the bus and had to cling to a window until she finally fell off. Now that I have all of the newbies totally confused, let's get on with the planning.


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Muriel....I agree....LET"S GET THIS TRIP STARTED!!! I think a good road trip on the big blue bus is just what we all need!!!

Yoo-Hoo......Becky Snowflake....we need plan info and we also need to start a thread for people to sign up for the trip!!!!

Let me know how I can help!!!!

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Good morning, everyone!

Judy, you probably just hit the "new topic" button instead of the "reply" button. I've done that before.

It was 23 degrees here this morning, with frost everywhere, so I just drove the truck to work. It's supposed to only get down to 31 degrees tonight, with a high of 51 degrees tomorrow. That will be the warmest day of the week, so I'm thinking I'll do the bike commute thing.

Judy, your comments about crappie fishing sound all too familiar. They can be finicky little fish, and you never know what they might bite. They have a way of humbling anyone who becomes too cocky about his own ability to catch them, by hitting someone else's bait better.

Have a great day, all!

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Good afternoon everybody!!

As promised, I did absolutely nothing yesterday - except, thanks to Judy reminding me how much fun it is, play Zuma's revenge! Today I got up early and went to the farm. I hadn't been over the holidays and I missed the animals so much! So off I went to cuddle the duck, play with the guinea pigs, and feed the goats - and that is the BEST medicine!

It is cold here today - 25 - but this IS New England! I do feel bad for all you Floridians who are not used to this - hopefully it will warm up for you again soon.

I would love to go to Hawaii - and as a person who NEVER flies, a bus would be perfect - so please put my name on the passenger list!


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Hi everyone,16 degrees here which isnt bad for Nebraska but it sounds like we are in for another cold snap starting tommorrow, I have homing pigeons sitting on eggs which are about ready to hatch,I hope they dont freeze. I think what I dislike about winter the most is all the extra clothes. By time I put on sweatshirt and coat and stocking cap and mask I feel like the bubble boy. Have a hard time getting my seatbelt snapped. I see where Paul Harvey passed away this year so I would like to end this with(Good Day!)

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OMG Donna, how did I do that and how did you find it LOL. I'm going to paste it here, probably making this the longest Air ever since so many of my friends turned out today.

Don't want to show favoritism but Mike, you won my heart with those baby homing pigeons. Any chance you can get a pic soon after they hatch. You don't really think they could freeze, do you?


Morning All! Every morning I get up the outside temp is a little lower--54 at 8 am this morning. Donna I think you have us all beat with -17. Oh you poor thing.

Ann, you've had that cold so long. The ones that tease you every day when you think you're better then hammer you again each evening are the worst.

I have to tell you Bud, it makes me nostalgic to hear you talking about crappy jigs. My husband used to laugh at some of the ones I bought, but then he'd have to eat crow when I caught fish on them. I must say I much preferred fishing on the lakes and streams up North. When I go out here, I usually risk getting seasick or at least very naseaus.

Janet, I know what you mean. We seem to be well enough now to get up and go for awhile but it's usually followed by a crash and burn.

Michelle, good idea getting prettied up. It usually makes me feel better. No video or slaves right now though. Stan's away and I have to deal with going to town for blood work, dealing with refrigerator repair men, visiting the sick (my friend Loreen had heart surgery). If I have any energy left, I'll go to cancer group but have a feeling I'll miss again.

Heidi, it's nice getting paid at work for nothing but I'll bet going home would have been better lol.

ts, now why did you go and do that! At least it makes me feel better about my new year. I was saying yesterday that I'm not feeling optomistic about 2010 so far given the way my year started.

Well, time to "get started" on another day so have a good one everyone. Hospitalization for a kidnet stone tops a broken refrigerator that was supposedly fixed a few weeks ago.

Judy in Key West

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