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Shout Out if You're Already on the Bus!!!


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Well, Muriel, it's like a cruise, view the ride to South Dakota as a "fun day at sea" and pass the blender. I have another tray of mini quiche in the oven and the fruit pizza is almost gone. Maybe a chick flick on the DVD system would help? We'll stop at the beach so Kasey can hitch her wagon and tie on her bonnet. Those buggies don't travel as slow as some may think, the horses are all trotters.

Randy, have a warm blanket ready for Kasey when she meets us, her nose is going to be red and her toes will be froze...

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Does Kevin Costner still own a casino in South Dakota? I want to try my luck at the Blackjack tables!

I'm getting hungry, too. Buffalo burgers being grilled on the Blue bus roof! Holler if you want cheese on yours.

Kasey, get Fred loaded up in the wagon and bring his medical staff along. They need a vacation, too; might as well take a "working vacation!"

I hear Katie will be waiting for us at LAX. If the wagon thing doesn't work out, hop on a plane, and we'll pick you up therel

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Heck with the casino....I'll take Kevin Costner!!!

Yes...I want lots of cheese on my burger. No dieting while on this trip!!!

Kasey...get those wagon wheels a spinning! Can't wait to see you, fred and the medical staff rolling in!

Becky...should we stop at a pharmacy and get something for your allergies? I know all this fur can be a pain. I don't think Roo has a problem with shedding but I know we have golden retrievers that are big time shedders....right, Muriel?

Does anyone have a bottle of Captain Morgan? I hear that Captain Morgan and honey, nice and warm, are great for a sore, scratchy throat!

I can't wait to get all the rest of you on this bus!! This trip is so much fun!!!

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