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William J. Damroth, Jr., Age 79


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I cannot express the gratitude for the wonderful offerings received.

People have sent food, and sustenance to us. But, even more, the wonderful offerings here on this board of spiritual support.

God bless each and every one of you.


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Hello Everyone,

I have received an email telling me there was a new posting

to a topic written back in 2009. When I went there, there

wasn't any posting.

However, I visited this site (obits) and reread all the lovely

replies to Bill's passing. Believe me, even though it has

been all these many, many months ago, it soothed my heart to see those comforting words.

Thank you so much for all you gave to me when I was posting regularly. Please know that I am OK. I feel Bill's

presence everyday, and I am moving along with a lot of

family support and love.

I was very blessed in having Bill for 54 1/2 years of marriage, and he left me with courage. Once, while having

breakfast, and not long before he died, he said, "I have no

regrets." He didn't say anything more, and I just absorbed

that statement and put it away in my heart.

Love and keeping everyone in my daily prayers,

Barbara Damroth

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I am so glad to "see" your lovely replies. It occurs to me that if I had never had the good fortune to have "met" all

of you all those many years ago, my journey with Bill would never have been as blessed as it was.

When a diagnosis is made which can be so overwhelming, it

can color everything in life. What was once taken for granted becomes tentative, hanging like a sword overall.

What this site gave to me was a support that was priceless. To this very day, it is a factor in how I am able to cope. Many might say, "How can that be? It is the internet." Well, it can and definitely was a help that in my experience with reading positive and bolstering words was like a precious balm.

Bill would be the first to say that his wife was able to "get through." I would tell him things that were written, hope to carry on with the chemo, and all that was involved in the lung cancer.

Because of your input, the word cancer is out there with people talking about it. There was a time, and not all that long ago, when that word was not spoken, but hidden as a


I am now ready to visit and read following yours and others' posts. Toward the end of Bill's life, our niece, a beautiful woman with a wonderful energy, was diagnosed with an aggressive breast cancer.

Her courage through all the treatments, which gave her many days/weeks of nausea, and worse, was an inspiration to us all. She had support because with breast cancer, there is almost an imperative to give that support.

Such was not the same, unfortunately, for those with lung cancer.

This site, and all of the information provided, is an oasis for so many with the "unpopular" (for the want of a more appropriate description) disease.

May you all receive many blessings, and Katie, you are doing a most-needed work. May God continue to bless you all.

Barbara Damroth

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