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One Year Since Diagnosis - Only X Ray Done This Time


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The doctor recommended going from CT's to CT then XRay so this was the first X Ray only - which appears to only add to my stress. But GOOD NEWS - the X-ray at least was all clear. But because I have had chronic acid reflux and my gut is killing me I am going to get an ultrasound of my abdomin tomorrow and see a gastro guy on Friday. I'm tired of my stomach area hurting so this is a good thing I guess. I think it's just a stress thing - cause I'm really very very good at stressing out.

Anyway - most important thing is 3 months to CT.....

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Congratulations on the all clear Annette. I just met with my Oncologist because I got the results of my last couple test from the nurse. My last test were just chest x-ray's and like you I was concerned and asked for a CT Scan for my next test. His reply was that a CT Scan puts alot of radiation into your body and he didn't feel that there was a big difference from a chest x-ray. He said that the first year he alternated between an x-ray and scan because he was checking for a recurrance ( sorry forgot the medical term for the area ) but now that wasn't a concern. I'm 2 1/2 years out from lobectomy. So that was his opinion and it put my mind at ease.

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I started out with just chest xrays for my 3 month follow up visits with the surgeon for the first few years. And then, the university changed its protocol and I had chest and upper abdomen CT scans for a couple of my annual visits. After 5 years, we went back to just chest xrays.

Personally, I'm fine with just the chest xray because he has others to use for comparison and changes are what he looks for. I don't like the idea of all the radation to my chest that a CT causes.

Just my thoughts, but that radiation issue does bother me, so the less CT scans I get, the better I like it.


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Congrats Annette. I'm good with X rays too. Don't want the huge radiation that you get with a CT scan unless there is a good reason for it. Try not to worry. Just live and enjoy this awesome life you have that is FREE FROM CANCER!!!! Yippee for us!

Judy in MI

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Congratulations on your one year anniversary Annette :mrgreen:

We all know what stress can do to us... that probably is what is causing your stomach to react like that. Let us know the outcome. Good luck!

Maryanne :wink:

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