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A purpose for me?


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I will be taking on yet another part time job starting Monday. I will be assisting in home cancer patients via the IHSS. I'll be taking care of IV infusions via ports and bed turning etc. I'm really looking forward to the ability to "give back" due to all my husband endured. Wish me luck?

My patient is an 81 yr old with stage IV lung cancer. Her name is Adell and she is just adorable :)

Wish me luck and I hope that somehow by "giving back" the lord will bless me with the ability to join my husband when my "time comes" as well.

I'm happy :)

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Hi Michelle,

Good for you giving back. I had to go back and read your journey, and what a journey it was. I'm so sad you had to go through what you did. And it does my heart good to read how you came through this ordeal, and still want to "give back". God bless you.

Judy in MI

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Good morning Michelle,

Beautiful sunny morning here in Scotland,just caught your post and you have made my morning that bit more brighter.I am sure Adell is going to have her life brighter too, with your appearance in it,the friendship and conversations you will share will add to her care also.I wish you well in your new adventure,and you get as much from it, as will Adell,tell her I was asking for her also.

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Thanks everyone! She is in the hospital right now with a slight heart attack. Hope she is home in the next couple of days. She is such a kind woman and so very easy to please.

Going over to visit her today but until she comes home I have some projects myself to work on. Weather permitting of course :)

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