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Morning All! Was a chilly 50-something when I got up this morning and Eric, I was cold lol! No heat-wave in site until the upper 70's on Christmas Day. Don't even call that a heat-wave.

Doesn't every coffee shop offer eggnog this season? I just dumped my espresso shot into half nog/half milk at home.

Now Stephanie, that's creative!

This is the last day on the antibiotics. Actually I'm down to the one that I took three times a day instead of two. I know that all of us survivors have much to be grateful for but this girl just wants to feel good again for awhile. I keep reminding myself that I'll still be on Tarceva and have had a couple of nasty incidents on it with the rash. One on my chin and lower lip I'm still dealing with and it's been a week. But I really need to see how I feel off these antibiotics. Whatever bug Stan and I had seems to be passing judging by the fact that the coughing has let up a lot.

Here's to feeling good again. Have a great day.

Judy in KW

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Judy I think if you flew up here to Minnesota today you would really begin to appretiate your winter weather! Today the Vikings play outdoor football ( the first time on 29 years to the day.) They are playing at the new stadium at the Univ. of Mn. It will start snowing at about noon here, with the heat wave of temp gone up to the low 20's, we expect another 6-8 inches of snow. Over 50,000 fans will view the game outside on metal benches. They are getting complimentary hand warmers!

Winter begins this week and we will have already had more snow than the total of all last year!

In the morning tomorrow we will be out shoveling more snow!

Have a fun day.

Donna G

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Well Judy it is -28C/-18F here this morning so I would gladly trade for your 50's. But I guess I am climatized for these temperature's, if that's possible.

Good to hear that you and Stan are feeling better. Is Stan still fishing ? May be a change from turkey. LOL

Wow Donna sorry to hear you are getting so much snow. In the last week we doubled the amount that we had on the ground but still only have maybe 12".

Well better go and get bundled up to do those outside chores.

Take care everyone.

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Good morning, everyone!

It was 53 degrees as I rode to work this morning. Forecast high is 76.

I finally finished rigging my new bike Saturday, and took it out for a short ride in the afternoon. Yesterday, I went fishing, and in a two hour stretch in the morning, caught 23 crappie, all over 11 inches long. I just kept 10 of them, no point in keeping more than you can use.

I gathered a bag of pecans before I headed home, but when Rose and a cracked a bunch of them, every one was bad, so we just tossed the bag. It looks like there may be no fresh pecans this winter.

We didn't go all out for Christmas decorations this year, but at least we did put up the tree. Last year, with Rose in the middle of treatments, we didn't even do that.

Have a great day, all!

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I'm glad that the antibiotics are almost done Judy - and you and Stan will both be feeling better - seems to me after all of that the stuff that comes with Tarceva will now seem like a breeze.

Here I am between Key West and up North (Minnesota and Canada) - I am with Judy though I think Bud should send us his temperatures (as long as they are warmer than here please).

I think we are expecting snow again sometime this week - I know I should watch the news - but why did they create DVD's, XBoxes and Playstations if you really needed to watch the news. I figure if it is earth shattering - I'll see it on the quick AOL front page. If it's weather related - I'll see it when I step outside or some kind soul will warn me. I have important people here to worry about no time for television news. (I'm watching Season One of the Deadliest Catch - I love my season DVD's.)

It is that bad word day . . . . Monday - - but hopefully everyone is like me and will be off on Friday - and maybe a little early Thursday. The timing of things is so horrible - I had my X-ray then results on the 17th - so who can think about putting up a happy tree. My daughter and grandbabies went to Oklahoma for the holidays so I'll go there later.

I hope all are doing well in this weather - staying warm and having good times with family.


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Good Aftern/Evening? All.

Its 5pm here,what is the crossover time from afternoon to evening,darnt if I know.Another sub zero day today,oh I am missing summer already,and winter has only just begun,wish I was one of those migrating birds,who could just take off to where ever the sun is shining.

Sneaked away from work a bit earlier this afternoon,our washing machine broke down last week,the repairman couldnt fix it,he needed to order spare parts for it,if he can get them he will try to return on Christmas eve,in the meantime Sally deposited the washing in a laundrette,which I picked up to-day before they closed.Boy,sorry about that,I was just thinking there,could I have been any more boring than relate that to you?

I didnt have my quality meeting to-day,it clashed with something far more important than listening to me talking about prep for HMIe,oh no,its fire warden training for the staff to-day,everyones to attend,no excuses.I didnt have to go since I had done the half day course last June,funny thing was,we were supposted to put out fires of different types set up in the car park,our task was to select the most appropriate fire extinguisher for the type of fire,however when Dougie our health and safety officer heard of what was planned he had it banned as being far to risky,so it was fun sraying the car park putting out imaginary fires.Well its Quality meeting to-morrow at 9.30am, so be there prompt.

Oh a wee bit of gossip,dont tell anyone I told you,the college is having its funding cut by approx 12%,this means to stay in the black,the college has to cut the student population and that ammount and the staff,I know its crazy isnt it?,our student need training for various industries,at a time of high unemployment and skill shortages and the government is cutting training and education expenditure,I will never understand politics.Anyway how does this effect yours truely?Well,rumour has it that they are going to offer a deal to the old coffin dodgers,like myself to take a redundancy package,on top of our pensions.I was considering retiring two years ago,until my dx got in the road of my plans and I cancelled these thoughts,mainly because I was so in need of returning to work to recover some kind of normalcy in my life,well thanks to you buddies here,I think of you more than I do of dying of lung cancer,I no longer harbour such thoughts,so early retirement could be 2011,wouldnt it be great if the whole package is done and dusted Before the HMIe arrive,and also the National Craft Competition in May?.Would I feel guilty in leaving people in the lurch?well do you remember my boss removing my name off my office door when I was going through chemo?and the other slights he did against me.

Oh did I tell you my morgage terminated in November,well sort of should have,I was paying a standard repayment mortgage from 1985 on my current house,the Halifax Building Society(dont think you have types of banks in America-they deal only in the property markets)Well they urged me to change to an endownment morgage,they sent a rep to my house,who described a better way to pay off a morgage,you only pay the interest portion each month,leaving me to invest in a share scheme by paying monthly payments,which in 25 years will grow into such a size of a nest egg that it clears the capital sum owedand leaves you with a lump sum,sounds absolutely brill dosnt it?but cynical Eric asks"what if the markets dont perform very well over 25 years and there isnt enough money in the pot to clear the capital sum"Well says the young salesman"well you dont have to worry on that score,it has never happened and anyway,in the unlikely event it did happen,the company would make up the difference.Well since, it came up £6,500 short,the bottom line of the company was"we cannot be held responsible for what an former employee told you 25 years ago".With the banking collapse bringing in low interest rates here in the UK,my morgage repayment on interest only was £72 per month,since I became aware of the shortfall I decide to revert to a standard repayment morgage of £220,to-day they sent me a letter statng from January they want me to conclude the morgage in one year,so payments would now be set at £585/month,unilaterly,without discussing this with me first,they have nerve dont they?.Anyway with whats going on the problem will soon disapear,I hope.Then its America here I come,here if I am retired there will be no work holiday restrictions on me,I might just stay?Dont think it would be permissable due to your immigration rules,you can get residence status,with a green card if you start a business that employs Americans,wonder what kind of business I could run?suggestions on a postcard please to,,,,

Hi Judy,really pleased to hear you and Stan are over the worst.Christmas Tree?Jennifer and I decorated the tree,since she was knee high to a grasshopper,since she moved out-sniff-I have done it myself,Sally dosnt do creative things like that,hope you have a great time with the kids this Christmas.Its really funny strange to my ears,to hear Americans using the word Math for mathematics,its plural!!!!,Algebra,Geometry,Trig,Calculus etc,Maths OK,phew,boy this is going to take some time to get you all to see the error of your ways in so many different areas,but its a challenge I am ready to meet.

Hi Stephanie,gosh hope you are still here,Ive done it again,rambled on for far too long,can I suggest buying a electronic keyboard,the pleasure of the music you eventually will play will be worth the effort.Talking about papier mache,and other pursuits,did America go through a phase,think in the seventies,of panel pin pictures,everyone here was into it,you cut a board of appropriate size,covered it with biaze cloth,then hammered in panel pins and threaded them to-gether with different colours of threads,popular was gold and silver,subjects were usually yachts or the Tower of London etc.Enjoy the holiday with the kids.

Hi Bruce,good to hear from you,hows the cows doing?,hope you are still having great fun,with farm life.Have a super Christmas,I am thinking of you and your sub-zero temps,gosh its cold enough here,cannot imagine working in your temps.

Hi Bud,Well done on your three years,but we aint seen nothin yet,have we?Sorry to hear the pecan nut season is over,told you ,you should have gathered more when the going was good.Have a great Christmas with the family around.

Sorry if I failed to acknowledge anyone,think I have used up all your patience,see you all later,bye.

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I never managed to learn music. But M is singing in a community chorus and dusting off his ukulele, so I am hearing my share of live music! I found my old recorder - never got past 5 notes - and suggested a duet of Cowboy Bob or Greensleeves. Not sure those two instruments are compatible!

String art - yeah, that blew through the US as well. I'll pass on that.

Eric - with all the new found stardom and volunteer work - a buyout sounds quite timely. Best wishes for an early retirement. And the bank? Seriously? That's quite a jump! I'd be screaming. But if you were only paying 72 Pounds a month for years, it's hard to be too compassionate!

Okay, I better go get a swim, and visit my Pa. He claims to be in need of handkerchiefs. He goes through them by the dozen. So I have to brave going to a store. Also wants to give me some keepsakes (I think my Mom's old jewelry box, empty.) Hard to explain to him that I don't really need to accumulate stuff. I've been trying to get rid of stuff this past year. Waiting to tell him the latest until we know what the pathology is...

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Eric - why cut down of students - if they are "paying" seems to me that you would want to recruit more of them. One of our universities here in Richmond raised tuition 24% this year because of cuts. I don't know how many staff went but they are still trying to get students in the door and really want the kind that live on campus. (Unlike me since I transferred in and took 2 classes at at time til I got a degree in 2008).

Stephanie - I had forgotten about your "something" - any dates yet? And in case you missed it - I am very good at worrying - and even though Eric asked if I had any to spare I would gladly worry for you first - just offering -


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Although it's late in the afternoon, I just wanted to jump in quickly and say hello to all my friends. Not too much to share from Florida's Space Coast. The weather has warmed up quite a bit, although my little dog did wear his Snuggie last night. It's amazing how he likes to be all bundled up in that thing. I get the concept of a person keeping warm in one but the velcro makes it a little tight on a dog. But...if he likes it that's all that matters.

We survived the cookie making session on Saturday. I can tell you that there was very little space in my kitchen that wasn't covered with either flour or cookie icing. T one time in my life, that would have bothered me but I've learned that life is too short to sweat stuff like that. The smiles on the faces on my little ones was a lot more important than worrying about sticky kitchen. IT all cleaned up nicely and I'm all rested.

Hope everyone has a great evening. I'm going to cuddle up and watch Christmas Vacation tonight. Funny, I can never get enough of that movie!!!


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Hi all,

Bud I am just so happy for you. I tried to post at 6:40 a.m. this morning and was kicked off. Ow well I have had worse done to me. lol. Judy I am glad you and Stan are starting to feel better. I hope you continue to feel better on the Tarceva. This is nothing worse then feeling like crap everyday.

Eric I would die without my washer. A 12% funding cut is pretty large. Wow you really have a lot to consider and think about. We would love to have yo here in the US.

Bruce good to hear from you and at least you are getting your fair share of snow too. lol. Stay warm it is very cold where you are.

It is 21 degrees here right now and we are suppose to get another 6 inches of snow tonight. Hip Hip Horay (that is being sarcastic). I have developed a cough over the last couple of days and I am stressing out about it. I am hoping and praying it is a cold or the start of one. Oh how that fear comes back. I can't even cough without "flipping a cork" (Eric this means stressing out).

Take care all got to get dinner going.


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Hi all,

can't even begin to respond to all of the posts, but loving reading all of them for sure!!!!!

Our family Christmas was not good. Won't even get into why. Families are so dysfunctional, I know, we all have them. Just wondering why we even bother sometimes.

I'm tired, and ready for bed. Just wanted to say HI, and check in. Wishing all of you the best and hope for a great day tomorrow.


MI Judy

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