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Morning All! 79 degrees at 6 am. It is definitely summer in Key West lol.

It appears I'm going to be busy on the phone today. When I get done here, I'm going to go take an Ativan. Took one yesterday. The Cancer Center has not given me my appointment for chemo on Friday because they haven't gotten insurance approval. I just got the Taxotere at MDA but in was as an inpatient. But I've been approved and done more than a year's infusions at the Center. Did I miss something here. Have there been Medicare changes or are there AARP HealthCare Options riders that disallow 4th line treatment. If anyone knows anything about this, please let me know. In the meantime, I'll be calling Medicare and AARP HCO. Seems the stress of having cancer and having to do treatment is periodically intensified by the financial factor.

I'll be back later with an update. Have a great day.

Judy in KW

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It is 32 degrees at 6 am here in Minnesota. We here are definitily questioning if Mother nature forgot it is Spring! The good news is they are not predicting snow today and right now the wind is calm.

Judy I hope you get that insurance coverage business cleared up soon. What is covered and not is getting too complicated these days.

Donna G

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Just started work after 12 days off with all the holidays. Did'nt want to come back but the debt collectors knocking at the door.

Was warm in Durban but up here the winter is getting closer and the nights are cold.

Had a wonderful break with my two daughters being there for 4 days and having a lot to do in my kitchen revamp programme.

Hope everyone has a fantastic day



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Good morning everyone - - - it was beautiful on the way to work this morning. Today I will be glad to sitting in the back office since it is supposed to cool down a lot and tomorrow it is going to be rainy. I am more than ready for a little warmer weather (please note that I did not say summer!).

Judy - I hope that you get everything ironed out on the phone this morning - what a bunch of **** that you have to battle those demons when there is probably a perfectly good insurance billing tech sitting at your onc's office - but they would much prefer that you fight their battles for them. Hopefully this will be the battle for this round - and the 'health' side of it will be less torture.

Not predicting snow - that is funny - wait a minute I better check our forecast.... Okay - I'm thinking we need to start tightening up that snow belt a little - move it above Virginia... (No - you do not need to exercise to tighten up the snow belt. I better do some research on that one though.)

It is tough to imagine that Ronnie is just entering winter. Now that you are back on the work site have you seen the horses and zebra are they still around. I just absolutely loved those pictures. I'm a softy somewhere under all my toughness. When I was talking to Judy the other day and she told me she had a bunny sitting beside her eating wheat thins I was very jealous. I have a cat but he turned into a Keith cat because I am not gonna play fetch with a cat. Last night Keith and I were kicking one of his little balls back and forth to each other (like soccer only we were standing 4 feet apart - not running - you know nothing like exercise!) and the cat was running back and forth - it was funny - silly cat.

Well I guess I have put off working for long enough....sigh....I will check back in later.


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Good morning, everyone!

It was 41 degrees as I rode to work this morning. That's the coldest temperature I ever remember seeing in May here. Forecast high is 71. Yesterday's high was 53 degrees, a record coolest high temperature for that date by 4 degrees. Forecast high for next Monday is 95 degrees......LOL.

Sorry you're having insurance issues, KW Judy. I hope you get it worked out soon. I hate playing phone tag with insurance people.

I have not been able to get the GRACE website to work for a couple of days now. Anyone else having trouble?

Have a great day, all!

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GRRRRR I need to vent! This is the email I sent to the chemo nurse after explaining I could not get a human on the phone so she is stuck with me. They said she needed to make the appointment:

"I have talked to Medicare and AARP Health Care Options. Both assured me that no prior approval is required for chemo with my plans. I had Alimta there for probably near or more than a year and the Center got paid. I can't imagine what the problem is if they are using photo copies of my Medicare Health Ins and AARP HCO cards. There has been no change. They do have my name as Judy A but that has always been the case.

I'm waiting for a callback from the office or a reply from you. It is just wrong to do this to cancer patients. I'm sorry but the stress of it all is enough without roadblocks to treatment. I know this is Key West and I should be grateful the Center is here but...."

I am so pissed.

On to other things, Donna I can't believe you guys still have to worry about snow warnings. And 32 deg, I feel bad about my 79 report this morning.

Ron, how well I remember that re-entry thing after vacation. So glad you have the girls to help you. We will see pics of the kitchen when you are done, huh? Oh and you are heading into winter, wow.

Of course Annette, my funny friend, I cannot see you playing catch with the cat if only because it might require a little bit of exercise lol. Get going girl. I got on my Total Gym this morning. Taking it easy, little at a time. Trying to walk a couple of days a week but I really hate walking. If you were jealous of my time with the bunny, wait til I tell you about my outing to the jail on Sunday. The animal farm will be open to visitors. Yeh, I know, but this is Key West.

Bud, I can't believe your cool temps. You'll be hoping for them this summer but those extremes are really hard on people. Makes the body work to adapt. Haven't tried Grace but will.

Judy in KW

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Good morning friends,

Judy, I hope you get this straightened out! This is so crappy! Now you made a note that your name is Judy A. So is mine! Would it happen to be Ann? That is my middle name. Just wondering.

So, yesterday I'm cleaning. Yeah...another cleaning story. But this one involves bugs! LOL. Since it got above 30 degrees (can't say warm because it's not!), we've had our annual problem with these teeny little black ants. In our large bath, and in the living room.

I go to Google and type in "natural ant killer products". Up comes white vinegar! I clean with white vinegar. Said to pour it in a spray bottle and spray the areas where you see the ants and they will be gone. So I do that!

Well, I learned ants do not like white vinegar! But they don't like being inside the walls when white vinegar is dripping in there, hence a mass exodus to get out of the wall and onto my walls, ceiling and floors!!!!!!! Yikes! I pour more vinegar, thinking it would kill them. Nope. It's a repellant, not a natural insecticide.


Not knowing what to do, I drive to my friendly little home town Ace hardware. (How do they know all the stuff they know?). I found this kind looking elderly gentleman at the help counter. I ask him what I should do. My husband said to get an ant trap and the critters will go in and bring the poison to the nest. He smiled, and said "how many months would you like to deal with the pests before you throw the useless trap away and deal with the problem?" LOL

He asked if I figured out where they were coming in. Yes, that is the one good thing the vinegar did. I said the house was 8 years old and the grout on the tile wore away by two windows. He asked if I had caulk. Yes. He said "caulk the holes". I said "what about the ants in the walls". He said everyone has ants in the walls. They are not carpenter ants, don't worry about it.

I came home, got the caulk gun out, sealed the holes, cleaned up the mess, and this morning, not one single ant! So much for Randy's wisdom. HA HA HA!!!!!

Donna, I saw the the Dakota's had blizzard warnings last week. Did that get to you? It's a cold, crazy spring. I hope this does not mean another cold summer. Remember two years ago? We had a long cold spring, and a cold summer. I remember it well because we had just bought a pontoon boat, and only got out on it twice the whole summer.

Ronnie, welcome back!

Bud, I posted on Grace yesterday. It worked. But I don't know my way around that site well, so I can't tell you what I did and how it worked. :?

HI Annette! Hope you are having a good day! I'm too sore from cleaning to start exercising. But I'm going to start a regime tomorrow. Hubby and I worked out a good starting regime last night. I'm going to put it on paper so I follow it properly and get going. I highly recommend it! LOL

Well, the sprinkler system guys are coming today so I should get up and out of my PJ's. Not sure why they are here, not sure we're going to get grass this year!

Judy in MI

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Evening All,

Well the beautiful weather continues,goodness knows how many consecutive days that is now,pardon me for reflecting,this isnt normal for Scotland,we usually have wet days instead at this time of the year,we must take full advantage when the sun shines.Took Sally,Dot and Jim for the day out yesterday,when to a seaside resort called Helenbourgh,sadly a bit past its best now,many resorts in Scotland have suffered from the greater affulence of society,where people would once take their vacation within Scotland they now travel to a much more adventurous destinations now,like all over Europe,with Florida becoming more popular with the passing years,nowadays these resorts only get the passing day tripper.Well we spent a lovely day there,then travelled through to Loch Long up to Arrocher,then down Loch Lomond to Glasgow,unfortunately approx 2 million fellow Scots decided to do the same route as Eric,and I was caught up in a tail back of over 8 miles,so about turn retraced our steps back down Loch Long to Helensburgh and youve guessed it another slow trek back to Glasgow.I am complaining? sum total of day out,was it worth it? Yeah.pics still to be looked at.

Well back to work,phoned solicitor Carla to arrange suitable time to sign severance documents,we agreed 3.30pm today.En route along Gt Western Rd,car in front breaks suddenly as we approach a set of traffic lights,I am in a hurry,late leaving college due to a meeting I was at,I had to excuse myself due to running out of time to meet with Carla.I am a bit too close to the car in front,but my car stops a couple of feet behind the car in front,whew,I breath a sigh of relief,slow down Eric,take your time,I glance in the rear view mirror,one car approaching at speed,no way he is going to stop in time,whak-he slams into me my car shunted into the one in front,who in turn smacks into the one in front again.Blooming heck,phone Bill to cancel my solictors appointment,car in front ,Female slumped over her steering wheel,all three drivers assist in getting her out the car,a nearby restuarant owner comes out and gives the girl a glass of water,she is OK just a little shaken,she recovers soon as,all four of us exchange details,insurances,etc,guy at rear apologises,his fault wasnt paying proper attention.Oh its so frustrating,phoned my insurance company,damage to front and rear bumpers(OK fenders) I have to put the car into the garage on Saturday,and I get a courtesy car to drive until my car is repaired.Annoyingly I have to pay my excess £350 up front ($550 approx)but I MAY have it refunded from the other guys insurance,but nothing definate,grrr.

Hi JudyKW,I know, sorry about the feeling wee bit sorry for myself syndrome, compared to your medical health insurance problems,its nothing,oh thank you God for the UK NHS,I will never moan about you again (nothing is perfect is it?) Well I do hope everything sorts itself out for you.

Hi Donna,Thanks to joining here,I am getting a wonderful education on many subjects,eg,the geography of America,its flora and fauna,not forgetting its climate,I would have thought for your latititude,snow would be well past and spring everywhere?wishing you warm balmy days soon as.

Hi Ronnie good to see you,bettcha winters in South Africa are pretty mild affairs compared to some of us in the Northern Hemisphere?

Hi Judy-"Who you gonna call -Antbusters",well done you,you are lethal with that caulking gun,ants better look out from now on.

Dinners ready,got to go,see you later,byee.

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Eric, that stinks about the accident. Here in the USA, everyone but the very first car, would have gotten a ticket. Something like Not Driving within a safe distance. I know. It happened to Randy.

It was icy and everyone was going slow. But the guy behind Randy slammed into him, he slammed into the next, etc. Everyone got a ticket! Seemed so unfair.

But glad everyone is doing well, and no one got hurt.

MI Judy

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Judy (MI),

Was in the same situation as Eric many years ago, except I was the car at the front of the line. The car that started the chain reaction was the only one ticketed, the rest of us were at a complete stop at a red light... I can see if all cars are in motion, the following distance was not appropriate for speed and reaction time, but full stop, whatcha gonna do?

Crappy day here, weather and circumstances. Maybe, after a bad night of insomnia and a short morning of sleep, I'll be able to sleep tonight. Let's hope so, as hubby commented on my crabbiness (and I have to admit, "crabbiness" was a sweet compliment from him, I was a total witch today).

Back to the housework, time to fix a late dinner and get the man up for work.

Judy (KW), had a similar day on the phone myself. Unlike you, dealing with non-humans on the other end, I had a real person that refused to call me back. Not real wise to do with a woman who hasn't slept, is cranky, married to an armed redneck - AND CALLING FROM JUST SIX MILES DOWN THE D*MN ROAD!! (Found a work-around, and STILL haven't heard from the numbnuts that I was supposed to speak to if following correct protocol. Dumb*ss!) Oh, yeah, and anyone who works local, lives local. I could look him up in the phone book and visit him at home! Maybe I should get some sleep before getting myself all hot again...LOL

Eric, glad you're okay and that it wasn't Bud on his bike who was sandwiched.

Annette...looks like you're doing better emotionally. Good to see!

Ronnie, TAKE ALL OF WINTER, we above the darn snow belt are tired of it. Seriously. If Annette is only moving it above Virginia, I may have to drive down and have a discussion with her, setting my thermostat at "chill" ain't right, it just ain't right.. Coming with, Donna? LOL

Take care, play nice. I'm putting myself in time out!

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