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Some Good News!

Guest sandy

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Hi Everyone,

I wrote in a few months ago about my dad. He was diagnosed with SCLC in Sept and told by the doctor that he should get things in order because he may only have 2-3 months. Well, he just went in today to get the results of all his follow up tests and it sounds pretty good. He had 5 weeks of radiation and 5 rounds of chemo. The doctor said it was always a good sign when they can't find the cancer right off the bat. It's still there, but it's shrunk to the point where they could hardly see it. It doesn't look like it's spread anywhere. He's 72 and not in the best of health to begin with so this is good news I think. He will have radiation in the brain as a preventative measure and they want to put him on some kind of study. So, I wonder how long this cancer will stay this way, Will it come back for sure? I assume it will, but I wonder what time frame we are looking at. The doctor's answer was, quite some time.



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I just want to say a BIG thank you to everyone for the thoughtful replies to my message. What a wonderful group of caring people. Beth Ann. I too hope to hear the same good news about your mom. You are all right, I just have to be thankful for every moment we do have instead of worrying about what might or might not happen. Thank you all again.

Sandy ( I see there are a few Sandy's, so I will sign off as Sandy M. from now on.)

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Guest cbysea1

Sandy that's great news. Watch your Dad for Anything suspicious.Call Doc frequently.Even if you think you are being a pest!

Check out the post on the SCLC board about MD Anderson .

Cheryl_Child of God

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Awesome news, Sandy! Keep us updated with his progress.


Mom dx with sclc limited stage 0l-02

5 months chemo (carboplatin & etoposide), radiation, no pci

Recurrance 06-03 found with follow up c/t, chemo (carboplatin & etoposide) began then stopped due to severe reaction

07-03 pet scan concurred ca in sternum

09-03 ct shows ca spread

09-03 Three 28-day cycles of cisplatinum & cpt-ll

12-03 some tumors responding, began 2 more 28 day cycles cisplatinum & cpt-ll

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