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Joel's CT results


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Hi to all my old friends on here.... I know I have not posted but I keep up to date with my FB friends from here.

Here is the latest regarding my husband Joel.... he had a Pet in Jan. but it was inconclusive as he had walking pnemonia (sp?) which he did not know. He was sick but never went to get it checked out. So they were not sure it they saw something or not because of the Pnem. He had to wait 8 weeks for everything to heal and had a CT last week.

He had the CT last week and the results... another visited from our best friend NED.....

Since Joel had that wonderful cyberknife he is now 3 1/2 years LC free!!

I know we had a couple of our older members pass.... Tiny, Joe B and of course Colleen...Stephanie... My heart was heavy when hearing about them.

Just wanted to share our good news.

Maryanne :lol::P8):lol::mrgreen::wink:

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That's wonderful news Alan... I have heard nothing but great reports from cyberknife. When Joel was diagnoised the 3rd time with LC, cyberknife just come to South Jersey in Mt. Laurel. He was actually the first patient to go through it. What a milestone and to us a miracle....

Congrats and Kudos to YOU!

Maryanne :wink:

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CONGRATS Joel!!!! I KNOW how a checkup like that makes one's day. Fred and I miss you both. Hope all is well ~ in addition to that stellar report of Joel's. I go in a few weeks and already am double anxious. Just a few hiccups, you now, and one can get really fussed up. Hope to be joining you, Joel, with such wonderful news.


Kasey ~ Fred too, of course

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(((Maryanne & Joel))),

Happy hugs to you! I can hardly wait to tell my mom about Joel's results. She will forever be grateful to him for sharing his cyberknife experience. She was 2 years NED (since her cyberknife) in November and will be due for a scan end of April . She is a 5 year cancer survivor and she owes her status of NED to the cyberknife. I'm just so thrilled for you guys.. Go Joel!!!



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