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New Member Empty Head Club - YEAH!


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Hi Folks

Didn't want to post this in the Good News category, too scared of jinxing myself. But anyway I had an MRI a week ago of my brain and the results came back, its empty and I'm not a blonde!

I had some symptoms (I thought) of eye lids twitching and I was convinced it was brain mets, I always think the worst I know, anyway my Oncologist ordered the brain scan and THANK YOU GOD - NO METS! I know I don't post much about myself, I internalize TOO much but I am SO HAPPY I had to post this.

Praying for all of us all the time.


Bess B

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Dear Bess,

As president and charter member of the EHC, Earl is thrilled to welcome you. He loves being surrounded by all of these empty headed women, the only problem is that he has some memory problems and is not sure what to do with all of you.

And you know I will not tell him. Ha Ha

But this is great news and we are very happy for you.


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