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You are The "Stars" of My Movie


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..Hey All,

Sorry I haven't been on.. been ill nothing serious..But I have been blessed to meet a cinematography student that makes Steven Spielburg stand up and say whoa! I need to give him some stuff for ""concerts for the cure snipit"...

Can I use

Tinys sking picture

David P on his bike pic

Bonjas pic

Dave in the rain forrest?

Carleen and Keith

Cindy and hubby

Ry and hubby

Sam(In memory off)

and anything else if you have any great accomplishment pictures of movies of yoursrlves like dave golfing or even if someone getting chemo, or giving a thumbs up for remissin... I know its a nightmare but we want people to know thet can make a difference and we are "surviving"...

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Guest Laurie(Panda)

Thankyou! And I did mean Bob Mc...sorry! I wanted the sninpit to be positive and fun... so people will feel good after seeing it ..it will make the think... I thought it could start off Cheech and chong falling out of a smoke filled van... My friend would say in his accent,... Ya know you don't have to smoke to get lung cancer!.Its the number 1 cancer killer!.And the tabaccoo money was used on advertising/poliics meanwhhile Lungcancer survivors are fighting to survive.....Hit it dahdah, upbeat music and then we start showing, tiny skiing, bycycling DAVE P,other cuts... then I'll show my Mom working at the Salvation army... Sam the psychician and then some of the couples.... While one of the songs from the LC CDstarts to play hopfelly with a live musician.... then we will collect money and sell the cds. It will be good the cinema student can do anything .. hes better than the pros I have seen at National sales conferences.,, We will keep it upbeat and get it out there !!

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Way to Go Laurie,

You might want to share with your doc's or who-ever, that (Radon) is the SECOND chemical cause of Lung Cancer in the US. The American Lung Assoc. just posted that in our Newspaper. Might help to take a little off the burden off (the only cause for lung cancer is smoking)?! Lung Cancer isn't just for SMOKERS! YOU GO GIRL! Keep us posted!

Sure hope your feeling better and I'm sorry to hear you were down for the count for a while. It's that time of year! :roll:

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I like to refer to lung cancer as being the most UNBIASED cancer. It doesn't care if:

you are male or female

you are black, white, hispanic, or oriental

you are in your 50's, 60's, 40's, or 30's, or even younger

you are a smoker, non-smoker, or never-smoker

you are a school teacher or a student

you are the CEO of a big company or an assembly person on the line

you are a Member of Congress or a voter

and there are many more that can be added to this, but I'm sure you get the idea by now,

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Thank you for all that you are doing. You might want to visit the following website: gracegrace.com - she was at our women's fellowship two weeks ago. She is really good (listen to her on her site) very charismatic. I asked her if she might be interested in being part of the concert that you had spoken about and she said she would love to sing for this cause. If you are interested and listen to her music, I can contact her. Please let me know...

Hope you are feeling better...

God Bless


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Hi mom! (Sam'swifeShirley)

Look, I made it on this computer site. It has been a two day challenge. I'm not computerly inclined.

What you guys are doing is just Fabulous.

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Thank you for all of your support!!! :D Dave P .. A Video would be Absoutely Fabulous...!!!! Please PM me also... I was thinking maybe we should get a "spoken segment" from someone... We just had the first meeting last night and we are still getting the concept together...I spoke to the Cinematographer and this movie is going to be able to be played with a DVD player on any small sound system to larger big picture events..!!!! "Concerts for the Cure" can be anywhere so I can send the DVD and we can raise awareness and have fund raisers for LCSC all over the country to fight this beast!! I wish Sams picture was bigger is there anyway to do that..Rick???

Bless you all ... this is going to be really good.


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