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Hi there, and welcome!

I have no experience with hair loss, personally (I was treated with surgery only) but I wanted to welcome you.  I know others with experience will be along shortly.  

If you're comfortable sharing a bit more about your diagnosis and treatments, people can share the most relevant info.

Glad you found us!

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Your willingness to chat with us is so appreciated.  ONLY is not a word when you deal with cancer.  Cancer is cancer...............frightening

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I wasn't denigrating the seriousness of surgery, just explaining that I didn't have any treatment beyond surgery--which doesn't make you lose your hair.  Some people have surgery and then chemo or other drug therapy.  I did not--I only had surgery.  As in, nothing else.

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Hi Rebell86. Welcome here! Like LexieCat, I had surgery only for my lung cancer.  However, I had a prior non-lung cancer for which I did have chemo and hair loss.   My thoughts at the time were  that this chemo was what I needed to do to live and that hair wasn't really that important. I was 66 at that time and maybe if I'd been younger, I'd have looked at it differently.

 Prior to my chemo, I went with a friend to a wig shop. I wasn't willing to spend much money and I have a large head, so I didn't have a lot of choices.  My friend and I had a grand time at the wig shop and I bought a cheap, synthetic wig. I then found a local cancer center that styled it free, which improved it.  I only wore it about 3 times. It felt like a costume. Or something.

When my hair started falling out I got a short buzz cut. I started wearing hats and scarves including a hat to sleep in since my bald head got cold. I got a couple of hats and scarves  from the same place that styled my wig. They had some for sale and in another  place, their "library" ,some for free. I kept looking for interesting and not too expensive headgear. This was my 'treat" I felt more comfortable in them than in the wig.

I learned it's very convenient to go to the pool when you don't have to worry about hair.

When my hair started growing out I got a haircut when it was probably about an inch long-- the haircut made it look actually longer, or at least more intetional. I had previously had longish hair but deci ded to keep it short(but longer than an inch) because it was easier and looked fine. It's texture changed, got curlier, but over the years has gradually returned to what it was.

I've heard that there are some cold caps that make it less likely for hair to fall out, but don't personally know anyone that used one. 

If you decide you want a wig, check to see if your insurance will pay. I think your doctor has to order it as a "prosthesis". 

Another thing to check into if you haven't already is "Look Good, Feel Better" . It's a class that teaches you how to put on makeup during chemo. They give you a bunch of free stuff. I didn't use the makeup much, not my style, but the class was upbeat and fun and I love free stuff anyway. They also taught some scarf-tying tips.  I think this is sponsored by the American Cancer Society

Sorry if this is Too Much Information and/or not what you wanted to know. Good luck with what ever you decide to do! 

Bridget O

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Welcome and like Bridget when I started losing my hair I went to a short cut then eventually had my stylist shave it. I tried two different wigs but couldn’t handle wearing them so I did the bald look or baseball cap. 

 My hair is coming in corse and curly which is totally opposite of what it was. 🤷‍♀️

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Hi there. My mom lost her hair during her first cancer diagnosis. I believe she started losing her hair at the 3rd infusion and we shaved it at the 4th infusion. She said she felt like a shedding dog and started finding hair in her food. Losing her hair was no big deal to her, we have really short hair anyway. She did get fitted for a wig tho, by a hairdresser who does free wigs for cancer patients.  My mom got fitted before she lost her hair. The hairdresser says that is better because it helps her get a wig that is similar to her regular hair (if that's what you want). My mom only wore the wig 1 time. All other times she just wore a scarf because she hates hats. She was told that her head might get cold when she was sleeping and to find a really soft winter hat. My mom is always hot, but she had to sleep with a winter hat to bed when we shaved her head. She liked the freedom of not having to do anything to her hair. And what she loved is that it grew back wavy instead of straight (her normal hair was straight). Ohh and she loved not having to shave her legs (most of the leg hair didn't grow back).

What was the most traumatic was when her eyelashes fell out. She never wears make up but decided to put some on for a Billy Joel concert (you gotta look good for Billy Joel! Lol). Her eyelashes fell out when she was applying the mascara. I heard OMG coming from the bathroom. We laugh about it now, but at the time we were both a bit shocked. My mom never lost her eyebrows.

Everyone reacts to hair loss differently,  but if you think about it, it is just a small price to pay to fight cancer and it grows back.

Take care, 


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Here's a wig story. This is true! A friend of mine lost her hair from chemo and got a very nice wig that she wore all the time. One day she got in a minor car crash and her wig flew off and landed on the gearshift. The other driver, a very young woman who was rattled by the crash became hysterical  because she thought my friend's head had flown off.

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Baldness was my “red badge of courage”.  If I could endure folks looking at my naked head, I could endure anything. And I didn’t!  That said, I understand how hard hair loss is for the ladies. During my second line chemo, I cut all my hair off before my first infusion. It stopped me leaving a trail of hair all over the house.

Stay the course.


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