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Is NED possible?


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My good LC buddy with a high PDL-1 has been NED for over a year on Keytruda. 

One of the Lung Cancer Living Room peeps had two years of Keytruda and is now NED two years later with no further treatment.  

I think you’ve got a really great shot at it!  

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On 5/31/2019 at 7:51 PM, Barb1260 said:

For some reason I can’t react. Hoping Imfinzi has the same results. Thanks 

Hi Barb I totally understand where you are coming from. PDL1 neg gives me 12% chance, they say and I should take it because anyone else in my shoes would. Hmmm, after 5 treatments of durva I didn't feel that way. CT on 10/31 Doctor on 11/4 puttimg my faith in God, and  hoping Doc has a plan  for my treatment.  Good luck and keep smiling!

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My mom was on Keytruda for about 1 year and stopped due to side effects.  That was over 1 year ago and she is still NED.

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Steff (and others),

Has anyone had success being treated with Keytruda in the absence of any biomarkers that support having it for treatment. My 3B cancer just change to IV because bilateral, multiple nodules are growing. I have no targeted mutations for treatment. I’ve already had chemo radiation followed by a right upper lobectomy and wedge resection of middle lobe. New nodules appeared at the first post surgical scan. But they were small and grew ever so lightly. Now at 9mm it’s time for action. Has anyone had a combination of chemo/immunotherapy at this junction?

Jane CM

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Yes! NED is possible on immunotherapy. In  Feb, 2019 I was diagnosed with SCLC which included a brain MET of approximatley 1/4-1/2" in size, very clearly shown on scans. I went through chemo which included Tecentriq and have been on an infusion schedule with that immunotherapy drug every three weeks since. Subsequent scans show that tumor getting progressively smaller, until the latest scan showing it completely gone. Amazing! I am a believer!! We are really blessed to live in these times. I'm scheduled for a chest a scan soon and hope to see the same results, but am extremely pleased with immunotherapy.




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Dx NSCLC August 2018 Stg 3b.

RLL Tumor approx 7.5cm x 5.0cm with subcarinal lymph node involvement

November to December 2018 Carboplatin/Pemetrexed x3 concurrent with 60Gy Radiation x30 

Durvalumab in January 2019 Q2weeks initiated

No biomarkers or mutations, 0% PDL

 CatScan of Chest and Abd completed January 2019 showed 35% shrinkage of tumor with no lymphadenopathy

CatScan April 2019 with pneumonitis but with further shrinkage of original tumor

CatScan May 2019 with original tumor barely perceptible

CatScan of Neck and Chest December 2019: RLL Tumor completely gone, No lymphadenopathy = NED 

Yes, it is possible and without any biomarkers/mutations while receiving Durvalumab.


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