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Oops! Newbie here!!


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I didn't follow directions very well!  I posted elsewhere and then saw that I was supposed to post here FIRST!  I guess I was just anxious to jump right in! 

My name is Diana, I'm 58 and just began my second lung cancer journey.  Though similar, this one is certainly different.  My last trek was with non-small cell in my right lung and this time around it is small cell in my left lung. 

Unfortunately, I have had limited success in finding information in which an individual has had NSCLC and following a period with NED (4.5 years), is diagnosed with SCLC which is what brought me to this forum.  LUNGevity has been my go-to resource for information since my first diagnosis in 2014, but I did not join any of the forums until now. 

I have always been an optimistic, upbeat type of person, but this latest discovery has made that a bit of a challenge for me!  I was nearing the five-year mark and this slight change was discovered on a routine CT scan. 

I was unsure how much information to share initially, but wish to thank you all for welcoming me to your group!

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Hi Diana and welcme! Wherever you post is fine. I'm sorry to hear about your seconc LC diagnosis. I don't recall anyone on these forum having the sequence you have. Maybe somebody will jump in. Hang in there.

Bridget O

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Hi Diana.  Sorry to hear about your recurrence.  I don’t have any personal experiences but I have heard of NSCLC turning into SCLC.  I can imagine your frustration with discovering it so close to the five year milestone.  I’m sure it feels like the finish line was just moved on you.  Treatments have improved considerably in the past 4.5 years.  You’ve beat it once and you can do it again.  Hang in there.  

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Hi Diana-

Just wanted to say hello and welcome.  Curt has done a nice job of articulating how NSCLC can be quite sneaky. Mutations often happen when there is a recurrence (in addition to small cell it’s possible for someone with EGFR to mutate to ALK).  The good news here is the surveillance picked this up in the limited stage.  There’s been a lot of innovation in SCLC in just the last year.  You’re in a great position to knock it out.  

Here in this forum, we live, love and laugh with each other.  Keep us posted (and post wherever you want!) 


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Hello Diana,

So sorry to hear that you having to face this again but, as others have already said, there have been many advances of late.  Please keep us updated and know that you have folks here to share or ask anything you wish.  You've come through this before and you can do it again.  


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