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What’s Next??

Road bum

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I had, among other things, my 65th Birthday a week before I finished my 6th round of taxotere.

My oncologist and I sat down and had a pretty long conversation about what comes next and what options remained for me. The first time around I was given Carboplatin and Taxol once a week along with radiation every day for 32 days. All that was after surgery for a wedge resection. I was NED for my first 6 mo. scan not so lucky on the second one. It had come back in the scar tissue bed of the resection area. 

It scared me but it was only 1.7 cm and after talking to the Doc I settled in to do round two with an “I got this” attitude. She started me on what I called my cocktail. A combination of Cisplatin, Alimta, and Keytruda. The Doc explained that I had none of the markers for Keytruda but their has been some good success with its use. 4 treatments later she took me off of all but the Keytruda which was continued for three more infusions.

At this point, off I went next door to the imaging center. One of the things I really like about the Baptist Health Montgomery Cancer Center is it’s combination of Oncology, Radiation Therapy, and Imaging Center all on the same campus. This makes for extremely short waits for whatever you might need, except surgery. Anyway, cut to the chase, my tumor had almost tripled in size to 3.6 cm. Needless to say the Keytruda was discontinued and we started round three. 

Round three consisted of Taxotere and lots of steroids to mitigate the side effects ( that didn’t work ). Four treatments into the Taxotere my CT and PET scans showed a shrinkage of .3 cm. I decided that was a really good start. Doc had me do two more treatments of the Taxotere and then decided to give me a rest. She explained that they didn’t like to give more than 6 treatments before a rest. In thee mean time she ordered two infusions of iron to help with the extreme fatigue I had been fighting. That was four weeks ago. 

I am scheduled for a CT scan on the 17th and I will get my results on the 19th. My Doctor’s appointment for the results is when we will decide on a course of action for my next round.

The struggle continues but it has not weakened.

Sorry about the length of this but I guess I needed to tell the whole story to date. Thanks for listening.




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Hi Ron

Thanks for the update.  It’s inspiring to see you have held onto your resolve throughout all of this. It’s also encouraging to learn your onc is willing to be creative to try different things. There are a number of us who are up for scans in the next two weeks so you are in great company. Will keep you in our prayers.  It’s nice to hear from you again! 

Hang in there


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Happy belated 65th! I hope you had the opportunity to celebrate another trip around the sun

Best of luck on Wednesday, your "I got this" attitude will help you persevere no matter what the outcome.

Take Care,


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