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Update...probably last one for a week.


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Great day. Got up this morning with the normal soreness but it went away fairly quickly. Still have an annoying dry cough that I will self treat starting today. Gets in the way of my breathing excercises.

Was going to take a long walk but pouring down rain all day so instead had lunch with three buddies. My first time driving and going out since surgery. Had a great time and didnt spend much energy on cancer...spent it on having great conversations.

Then decided to swing by a tavern another group of friends hang at and had a couple of beers with them. Again..spent very little energy on thinking about cancer and a lot more telling stories and laughing.

All tolled was out an about 5 hours of normal life just 8 days after surgery. Awesome! 

And the cherry on top? I had asked my pulmonary doc to see if the visit with the oncologist could be moved up. Two weeks seemed so long. Well...they moved it up a full week. Consult is now on Feb 12th. Lesson? Dont be meek, advocate for your self and be firm. Hard for many...not for me. Bottom line...it works.

Best day in weeks.

Wishing all good luck, good scans, good surgeries and good results 



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