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One Year Today

Deb W

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Dear friends,

One year ago today I was diagnosed with Stage 1B Adenocarcinoma lung cancer. After my diagnosis, I had an upper left lobectomy on March 22, 2019.  I didn’t have chemo or radiation because as far as they could tell, they were able to get it all out with surgery. Thank you for being such a wonderful support system during this chaotic time in my life.  Lung cancer is not any easy topic to talk about.   This group has been so helpful to me.

As I began to educate myself on lung cancer, I realized that I was lucky to have been diagnosed at Stage 1b – it was an incidental finding – I had no symptoms.   I’ve had two post surgery CT’s and one looked iffy and I had to go through another PET…but ultimately I was told that at this time there is no evidence of disease – and I am grateful. Like many of you, I wait with anxiety at each 6- month scan.  I’m due for one again in April.

I’m  contributing to research by participating in studies related to identifying a gene that may have contributed to getting lung cancer.  I had a brother and a sister who passed away from lung cancer at ages 54 and 59 and lost another brother at 52 with a different type of cancer.

 Since my diagnosis I’ve become deeply aware of the fact that life is precious, and I’m becoming really good at doing things now rather than waiting as if I have forever to do what I want to do. It's a good way to live even if you haven't had a cancer diagnosis!  I’ve learned some things too…the importance of recognizing the people who were there for me and telling them how much I appreciate them… and then there were those who disappeared which was painful but still an important lesson.

Thanks for your wisdom and support.

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