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What brand of medicine helps sleeping?


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Now my dad's big problem is having problem getting into sleep. Sometimes, he can't fall into sleep whole night. Sometimes, he sleeps for around 1 hour and then wake up again and then sleeps again and on and on for whole night. Upon my observation, for a whole week, only 1 night that he could only sleep whole night well.

Last time, we request meds from oncologist that help him sleep but this pill didn't work on my dad. I just guess others brands may work on my dad.

The reason of this guess is : I know some brands do not work on some patients because I have that problem as well. I have sleeping problem for every several years but several meds I tried didn't work on me as well.

so, what brands over the counter you suggest ?

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Berisa...Jim takes Tylenol PM Extra Strength usually 2 for sleep. But if he has to take pain pills (Hydrocodone) during the day onc. nurse advised him not to take Tylenol also. Hydrocodone has Tylenol in them and too much can cause liver damage. On those days he takes Temazepam 30mg. a prescription drug. Hope you both get the sleep you need. Carolyn

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Hi Berisa,

I posted a question about sleeping on Jan 15 in the Welcome forum.I got some good replies.Maybe you can go back to that post and find something that will help your Dad.I sure hope so.Since then I have had whole brain radiation treatments and now I sleep too much.I think my biggest problem when I could not sleep was decadron.When the doctor reduced my decadron I slept better.I hope this helps.I am praying for you both.TBone

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When I had problems sleeping, my doctor prescribed Ambien AND an anti-anxiety pill (Xanax). This calmed down the 'voices' of doubt in my head and allowed me to get a good night's sleep. Unfortunately, for me, it only works the first night I take it.

Good luck,


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I take 50 mg Benedryl (2 Tabs) and Lorezapam 1 mg. Benedryl is over the counter and Lorezapam is by prescription as an anti-anxiety drug, but works great for sleeping.

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