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Chemo done


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Quick note. Last cycle of Chemo is done. Got a diploma, a nice card and rang a cow bell to celebrate at the clinic. Nice.

Glad I only had 4 scheduled as I have had steadily worse reactions each cycle. After the first one I thought it would be a peice of cake. As it was, not terrible and I could have got thru two more, but will pass for now. Definently took a step back in fitness. Partly because my puppy isnt really a good Walker yet (several near spills) but mostly a lack of Energy till the last 3 or so days after treatment. When I did motivate I could tell many muscles need time stretching. Again, overall not horrible, but found Surgery less difficult after a few days healing.

As many have stated, we all respond differently. That was mine. Also got a head MRI today.....my fear there was puking while in the machine!

Next up Rad Onc appointment next week, Tatoos and schedule treatment and a CAT scan on June 1.

I wish all of you a great Memorial day. State of Washington slowly opening up. Probably be pretty open in three weeks about when I might be able to come out of self quarantine. The rest of the world got a feel for how Chemo patients feel during normal times.  In this case all my buds were locked down almost e exactly as long as me. I find that intereasting.



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I hope you enjoyed the first (long) weekend post-chemo.  Good luck with the rad onc appointment - my rad onc is my very fav doc of all time, so I hope yours is awesome as well.  Also hoping the rad treatments will be easier on you than your chemo.🙏🤞  For me, I needed a new word for "extreme, ridiculous level of fatigue beyond any words" by the third week and my throat felt like I swallowed (not pits) entire peaches (4-5 of them stacked up in my throat!). 😖

Sending warm thoughts,


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I enjoyed (it's the only word I can muster) reading your blog posts. @MBinOregon. I admire your assertiveness with your medical posse. I am probably more forgiving than I should be. I hope you continue and good luck with your malady.




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