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Well, here is how it is for those with an interest.

My hemoglobin dropped back into the danger zone (6.9), so I am getting two more units of blood at 8 AM tomorrow. Then, I start round five of chemo on Tuesday. This was sorta/kinda news to me. We had only talked about four. Then I read my CT scan results and there is a certain enlarged lymph node that doesn't seem to be responding as expected; probably the root cause of the extended rounds. (Rounds makes it sound more like a UFC fight). The seven stitches have been removed from the big gash in the back of my head. Hooray.

I meet with the Onc before the round starts on Tuesday. He'll explain it all to me, I hope. He's a great man, Dr. Schillo, for anyone in the Pittsburgh area. You can find him at the Hillman Cancer center. It's part of UPMC.

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Thanks for the update. It's always good to know there  is a plan and plans give us hope.   We all seem to be getting these darn nodes.

It seems that your oncologist is top notch. Let's hope and pray the results will be excellent when you finish the chemo.

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Thanks for the update.  It's a tough row to hoe right now, but you'll make it through and the additional treatment seems needed to get you to the better side of this journey.  Stay strong and keep moving forward.  


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