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My mom has stage 4 metastic lung cancer and has just gone through her 3rd radiation treatment and cannot stop vomiting and can't keep anything down - suggestions?


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Hi Paulette and welcome. I'm sorry to hear that your mom is having such difficulty with her treatment. It's good that she has you for support during this time.

We're not medical professionals and so can't give medical advice. Has your mom talked to her oncologist or radiation oncologist about this? If not, I suggest she do so right away-- don't wait until Monday. Call ASAP.  If she/you can't reach them nights/weekends, there's probably a way to reach her primary care provider. Anyone with that severe of vomiting is at risk of dehydration and probably other issues. There are medications that can help with vomiting and ways to give them if she can't keep them down. A person who is already dehydrated may need to get fluids by IV. 

Best of luck, and keep us posted.

Bridget O



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Agree with Bridget, we are not doctors.

Is your mother only receiving radiation for her lung cancer treatment or is she also having radiation in conjunction with chemotherapy? Chemotherapy caused my gastric distress; radiation didn't trigger vomiting during my first line treatment.

Stay the course.


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Very sorry to hear this, and I  hope by now, you've found some answers from her medical team and that she is doing much better.

As a Stage IV patient myself, I have been though many different treatments and they ALL have the potential for side effects.  Most can be treated, but as already mentioned it's up to her team to choose the best treatment for her, as they know her best and know her other meds etc. 

Take care and please let us know how she's doing now.


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There are meal replacements/supplements specifically formulated for patients suffering from cancer and undergoing chemo or radiation. My mother is currently drinking something called SUPPORTAN. 

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