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MET Gene copies


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Well, after a month of waiting, I finally found out that my MET amplification has 14 copies. Should have been included in my report from Foundation One. I called them and I wrote them and asked but the only sent me a copy of what I originally paid them for!

My Oncologist had to request that information. Chose the other gene checker. grrrrr

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Yowza Jack, that's frustrating!  You shouldn't have to take matters into your own hands, however, as a former healthcare veteran employee, it's good you knew how and when to push.  So yeah, knowing what's next is great news.   Hold tight because the drugs are coming better and faster.   The clinical trials may soon be a reasonable path forward.    

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Thanks everyone, for your kind and considerate comments. That means a lot to me.

My Oncologist said that she was also told by the Oncologist she consulted with regarding Met amp, that it would have been better to have targeted my Met amp before trying immunotherapy.

I don’t know, but I suspect that back in March of 2020 when I was diagnosed and the panel of genes was completed, they didn’t know that. That’s when we decided to go with Keytruda because Crizotinib wasn’t fda approved for met amplification. I had a 20 percent PDL1.

Maybe this information might help someone else who finds themselves where I was.

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On 10/28/2021 at 6:35 PM, Tom Galli said:


Thanks for letting us know. These posts hang around for a long time and your lesson learned will be shared for many years.

Best of luck for your new treatment.

Stay the course.


Thank you for your kind words.

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