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Hello Everyone,

Boy has it taken me a while to get to this stage. I was diagnosed with SCLC January 15th and began chemo an hour later. I've had a difficult time accepting my diagnosis (as far as it really sinking in) and being able to reach out to anyone other than my immediate family. (hubby and sisters and really close friends). I began with tremendous pressure in throat and then face began swelling - I thought I was allergic. (Wishful thinking).

Anyway, I am So glad to see there is a support group for lung cancer survivors. :) I'll be starting my fourth round of chemo next week. My last chest x-ray showed no regrowth of the tumor but I don't know when the next set of cat scans will be scheduled. I'm lucky that I live in Houston and have great local resources for cancer treatments. Except for a 2nd opinion at Baylor Hospital I've stayed in my "little corner" of Houston (Spring) and receive my chemo at a small cancer center.

I look forward to "talking" with you all.

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Welcome, Welcome, and WELCOME! SO sorry it is for the reason we all have to be here! :( None the less, you found us and now you have a NEW FAMILY! :) As much as you love and need your real family, you will find much comfort in this one.

I have LONG TERM SCLC survivors in my Lung Cancer Support Group, and when I say long term I am talking 4, 5 years. I also know a lady that is a 14 year survivor of Small Cell. So, hang on tight, the ride has just begun, but will be over before you know. (the chemo that is)! :roll:

Small Cell Cancer reacts very well to chemo. YIPPIE!!!

Stay with us and get to know your new found family. Most of the board members consist of T-bone's REAL FAMILY! :P:P:P Kidding T-bone!

You'll see what I mean by T-bone's family when you get better acquainted. (God love 'em all)!

Stay strong and stay with us.

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Thank you - Thank you - Thank you! These warm welcomes certainly makes a person feel at ease, not to mention encouraged and hopeful.

Healthwise I've led a charmed life - other than high BP and high chlosterol(?) - I've always been fine, not even a broken bone, just a tonsilectomy when I was 12. Since 1/15, however, I've had quite a jarring introduction to tests, different specialists, porte-cath installation, well, you all know what I mean.

My sister Pam, who is a breast cancer survivor, told me I would really enjoy and benefit from a support group. I'm sorry I didn't listen to her sooner.

Don, it's also nice to meet a fellow Houstonian. Yes, it's a GORGEOUS day - I wish I could bottle it up and bring it out in July and August. :)

And Connie, you are definitely a very warm and caring person to be able to write such a genuinely welcoming post. It's a real pleasure to meet all of my new family members.

I'm going to change my sig to reflect my current treatment as you'all have done.

Thanks ever so much!

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Welcome to our special family. You will find wonderful people and support here. Really helped pull me and my family through during my dad's illness w/SCLC. Good luck with your treatments and hang in there! I know the initial diagnosis just blows everyone away, then it's the "kick it in the butt" attitude that seems to take over. My dad's attitude and strength with his illness inspired me during his battle. Stay positive and take one day at a time.

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Welcome Sharleen,

I also have SCLC, now with mets to liver and 1 lymph node. Just started Topotecan as my second round of chemo. Please ask any questions you have or answer any questions you have answers to! We all share and share alike here, lol.

God bless you and prayers being said for remission (or stability)!

God Bless,


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Welcome to this lovely group of survivors and caregivers.

I am sure you are still somewhat in shock but finding this place is the best thing that could have come your way. If you have a question about anything dealing with sclc or chemo you will find that someone here has either been there or done it.

Often we tell newcomers lc is like a rollercoaster. It has many ups and downs. It plays on your mind at times and when that happens, you come on board and let it all out for all the survivors know what you feel.

Hang on tight for as I sometimes say, it is a long and hard ride but it is a ride with the dearest of friends.

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Welcome Charlene, I know that Connie B has a warm heart but certainly it has nothing to do with the weather here in Minnesota today! IT IS COLD , unlike the gorgeous day you describe in Houston. Hope you keep us posted on how things are going for you. Again, Welcome. Donna G

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Welcome!!! This is a great place for answers to questions, if your feeling down and need support. The people here are the best and so supportive. You have been added to all of my daily prayers....

Blessings and gentle cyber hugs from So. California...


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