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Another Good Scan

Guest survivor

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Guest survivor

After returning from my Florida vacation, I had an appointment with Dr. Schiller, which included an abdomen and chest scan. For the 3rd scan in row, the scan showed continued stabilization.

Next week I will participating in a diagnostic study at the University of Wisconsin Comprehensive Cancer Center. The study is called NM404 and involves a radioisotope/PET Scn imaging study. It is hoped that this study will lead to an imaging procedure that would be accurate and inexpensive to perform. It is also hoped that this procedure may be used as a screening procedure. I will spending all day Monday at the UW HospitalResearch Ward and staying over night and through most of Tuesday. I will return for scans on Wednesday, Thrusday and Friday. Monday thru Wednesday I will be required to collect 24 hour urine samples. So, all in all, I will be in and out of the hospital all next week, plus the following Monday and Tuesday. The reason for all the scans at various times following dosage is to determine the optimal scanning point following administration of the isotope.

University of Wisconsin Comprehensive Cancer Center is looking for volunteers to participate in the study. The only cost to the study is your time. To qualify for the study, one must be either Stage III or Stage IV NSCLC with known tumors, active or inactive. Anyone who is interested may contact Joan Schiller, MD, at jhschill@facstaff.wisc.edu

Dave Grant

2-1/2 year Survivor Stage I restaged to Stage IV

April 2003

Picture is of me playing golf in Florida on 3-2-04

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Dave, I was having a tough day today, just thinking about Daddy alot and feeling blue and weepy. THEN I saw this wonderful post by Survivor, with a beautiful picture of a gentleman playing golf, then I read on and let me just say- you made my day!!! I am so glad for you, I think you and your Dr. should keep up the good work, and I'll continue my prayers and warm wishes for you. Take care, SURVIVOR!!!!!!!!! Deb

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Great news Dave. Stable boy that sounds like a nice guy to have around also. Looks like you had some nice weather and enjoyed your favorite sport. Again , great news. Donna G

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