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New metastasis


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Hi all. Just an update. I went for MRI of my brain on Oct 11th and it showed a new 5mm deposit on my right temporal lobe. I had a 3mm deposit on my left temporal lobe last year in Oct which was treated on Nov 7th 2022 with gamma knife which zapped it. I am scheduled for gamma knife ironically on Nov 7th (what are the odds!) to take care of this new one. I hope it is as successful as the other. The Dr has put me on keppra as a precaution til the gamma knife. I also had CT of lung/abdomen/pelvis which shows stability of nodules in lung and adrenal gland.

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Sorry to hear about this new met.  I've heard so many good things about gamma knife that I can't help but be confident that they will zap that little sucker successfully.  It's quite the coincidence that you should have another treatment one year to the day, but strange things happen in life.  Please keep us updated on this and know that you are in our prayers and thoughts.


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As I have small cell lung cancer no immunotherapies have been discussed with me at this point in time. Hopefully the gamma knife will take care of it. Thanks Rikke. Hope all is well with you and the hormone replacement therapy is going good.

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Radiotherapy is a good bet indeed - my lung tumours and lymph nodes are all dead now, so crossing my fingers for you.

I am doing pretty great - no issues with my steroids and other ailments and slowly getting back into normal shape and life.

keep us in the loop please!

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