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ok guys...


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Does anyone feel like they "know" everyone on this board???

Whenever I get ANY kind of info from or about my Dad, I swear, I want to run home and tell you guys. I always have a million questions, and I dont go to my Dad's doc. apts., so you guys are my info line.

My Dad always has me running back to you guys too for things (Although he thinks Im a weirdo for being on the internet talking to you guys in the first place). I keep trying to get him on to see for himself, but I guess he's just old fashioned, and likes to keep to himself.

Just wondering if Im the message board addict or something....


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I feel like I know a lot of the people who come here. We share so much that we don't share with IRL (In Real Life) friends it just makes it easier to talk to them. I know I am addicted to the board as I have gotten caught a couple of times at work typing messages and when I travel I always end up spending $10 to get online from some hotel room to check the board, lol.

I find myself thinking that Snow is going to get a kick out of this or Donna is going to think I am nuts or whatever, lol.

You are certainly NOT alone in your feelings!!

God Bless, MO

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I think you all hit it on the head. It easier to 'say' things on here than it is IRL (ha). There are so many here that I have been talking with for over a yr and a half. My family does not get on here, which for me is ok. I have a safe place to go and say what I want.

This is my safe hide-a-way. Thanks for being here. Cindy

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Guilty as charged. I talk about everyone all the time. When my mom was tired the other day, I said "yeah, Mo has an elephant on her back too.". Everywhere I go and everything I do, I think of people here. It is an addiction, almost an obsession. It is like must post, must read. I HATE it when I am busy during the day and can't read, I feel lost.

I love everyone here, so Jamie you are not alone. I always want to post.

Shellie---I was so excited to hear about your husband

Heather (Hebbie)---her scans were clean and I actually went around my office telling people.

It is interesting how we all feel this way.

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The common ground we share is a strong bonding factor. We don't have to "explain", just be there for one another. This board is exceptional. I have been on other boards that didn't care whether I came or went. We have a great thing going here. Don't underestimate it. Don

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I think the pictures make a HUGE difference. They make it more real - puts a real face along with the post - even Snowflake's dragon, Shelly's crazy little smiley people, Mary Ann's racing dog, Fay's chicken and eggs, Dave's beautiful "do" and all the rest. It gives us a "handle" so to speak. I also think the reason we get addicted and feel so comfortable here is because we can talk about it ALL the time and nobody cares. I think our friends and families don't always have much to contribute back to us by way of comparison, and we sense also that they care, but not enough to talk about it all the time. I know in my circles, I kind of get the feeling they might be waiting for the hammer to come down and for it to all go bad, so I kind of avoid bringing it up. Some ask me how he's doing, but I think they're surprised when I tell them he's doing very well. They always say "That's good, that's good", but they never really ask me about "IT" - you know what I mean?

Here, we can talk about it all the time, compare notes, ask questions, share in all the pain, and even make jokes about it, all without judgment. I was addicted in less than a week.

God bless you all,


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Me too Peggy. I love coming here. Most days it is the release I need. When I am down it is hard sometimes, but I try to come anyway. If I look hard enough there is usually a post somewhere that will be just the thing I needed to hear. My only regret is that I am such a poor writer. I have re-read some of my posts and wonder "who wrote that?" :lol: Just another reason I know you are all such great people...you all care back.


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