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I'm another newbie


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I'm recovering from lobectomy on 4/29 and I think the most difficult thing in all this for me is the quickness with which it all is happening....it feels like a whirlwind with no time to even think. I was very lucky - my lc was discovered accidentally through a chest xray I had for pneumonia - and my being normally averse to doctors, it's likely it would have gone undiscovered until much too late. As it is, we thought stage 1 but found involvement of just a couple of lymph nodes during surgery which pushed me into stage 2A. This was the first of April. Had the middle and lower right lobes removed 4/29.

Now tomorrow have an appt at Mayo (I live in AZ) to see an oncologist for the first time, and am torn about whether to pursue chemo or radiation if that's what they recommend, or whether to monitor and hope that surgery was enough. Much of what I'm reading indicates that at my stage they don't think chemo or radiation has much beneficial effect.

My head is spinning with all the conflicting information out there, and as mentioned, the speed with which this all has happened. Since mine was early and I had no symptoms, it seems hard to believe this is all real. It's not denial - I accept that it's real, but more wondering how I could have had something like this going on inside when I felt so terrific! I'm glad to have found this site - it IS comforting to know you're not the only one dealing with this when it hits you. And, I'm happy to add my support and prayers to all the others out there dealing with lc for themselves or family members/loved ones.

Age 50, nsclc adenocarinoma, 3cm right lower lobe

dx 4/2/04

4/15 mediastinoscopy - negative

4/29 lobectomy - middle and lower right lobes

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Hi! I dont really have an edjucated answer for your question, but I do think whatever you decide to do about the chemo/radiation, you should check and see what the onc. thinks. After that, I would get a second opinion. I think that because you are one of the lucky people who caught this ugly thing early... you should do everything possible to keep it that way. I wish you the very best, and hope that you will come back and let us know how you are and what you have decided. My dad's cancer was found accidentally too, he thought he had an infection or something, although he hasnt felt right in a long time. He was dx'd at stage 3B. I would take advantage of anything there willing to do. You want to stay healthy! Good Luck


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Welcome and I am glad you found this support community. You never know, you may end up doing radiation and chemo at sometime. You oncologist will discuss all options including future options. Although, it sounds awful now, you are lucky that you are in an early stage. Please keep us up to date and prayers to you.

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Hi and welcome. I was dx July 01, had surgery and staged at 1A. At that time additional treatments weren't recommended for early stage LC. Now my doctors say it is up to the patient. I have almost made it three years without the treatments, but if I had had the treatments my survival would have been attributed to that. Others with early stage have had recurrence and would have benefited from treatments. Unfortunately, there isn't enough information to know what decision is right. I go to the University of Pennsylvania and my docs there seem to still feel that there isn't much benefit for early stage. I don't know what I would do in your position. Good Luck with your appointment.[/i]

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Your story sounds almost parallel to mine - except I had ONE more positive lymph node that took me to IIIa. Same lobes removed...

My oncologist was/is of the same opinion that chemo isn't THAT beneficial, but he said if I wanted to do radiation, he'd okay that (less invasive than chemo)... Due to the involvement in the mediastinial lymph node, I decided to do the radiation to that area...

Also, my oncologist sent me for a second opinion - paved the way for me to go to MD Anderson and wrote up orders for all the testing I would need. The second opinoin works for your mental well-being....

Welcome to the family, sorry you have to be here!


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I was a Stage 1B--I had surgery right when they started to recommend chemo for early stage people who had surgery. I elected to do it--I had three cycles of cisplatin/gemzar--did not really suffer that many side effects from it.

I continued to work mostly through the treatments--I started in August and finished early November. I am glad I did it--I need to know I'm doing everything I possibly can to keep this away...

Let us know what Mayo says and keep us infomed about your decision...

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Sorry you have found us but glad you did. I agree with what already has been posted. Tackle this thing early. Its not fun when it gets advanced. Thats all I can add. Keep coming back, this is a great place for support and information.

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Guest Phyllis

My oncologist said that if you give someone chemo when there is no tumor present how do you know it is working? Why give people drugs if there is no tumor to measure to see if it is working. Of course you can ask 5 different doctors and get 5 different opinions. Difficult decision. lol.

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Find out the grade of the tumor. If the tumor is a higher grade (more agressive), then it *might* make more sense to seek aggressive treatment. There are other prognostic indicators like P53 mutations, etc

that you might want to ask about. If the indicators are not good, then you may want to be more aggressive. Unfortunately no indicator is 100% accurate so you have to try to figure out as many pros/cons.

There are some treatments that have much less side effects than others.

You have try to weigh the chances of recurrence against the bad side effects and sometimes long lasting ones of the treatment.

There are things like COX-2 Inhibitors (celebrex) and low dose chemo.

There are trials for early stage lung cancer to check out.

Cary has posted some interesting information on copper reduction.

If you get radiation, you might want to ask about ethyol. Many people get radiation fibrosis from radiotherapy

The following trial may/or may not be appropriate for you but it is for

cancer prevention

http://www.clinicaltrials.gov/ct/show/N ... 4?order=19

In addition a lot of people on here have tried herbs/supplements. Astragalus, mushrooms, fish oil, etc may be something to investigate

Take care

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