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Memorial Day:


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Thank you for the lovely message. My father was a WWII vet and a POW in Japan. As he lay dying, he asked to see his medals, which my Mom had arrayed in a lovely shadow box arrangement. Being a soldier was his identity; his pride in his country never wavered. May God bless all the people like him, who served their country.

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As I watched the cerimony in DC for the monument for WWII I was choked up. That is such a great place where they put the monuments and the songs that were sung----well it does get you ! I am so thankful for the ones who are in the services and their families.


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My dad, like many, was a veteran- korea & then vietnam-where he met & married my mom and adopted her 5 children before together they had me! (But that's another story of this man who was so full of love and who will always be our hero)

He sent in monthly donations to the WWII National Memorial fund and he couldn't wait to see it completed. He gave so much money that he was allowed eight names on the memorial and he was so very patriotic and generous that after listing the names of our relatives who served in WWII, he paid to have Rick's father, Uncles and relatives added as well.

As you know my dad died Sept. 6. He never did get to see the WWII memorial completed like he had planned. They are still sending him calendars and letters and solicitations and even sent an engraved invitation to the openning.

This will be a hard holiday for our family- but even so- because of my fathers love for this country, his patrotism and bravery- I am forever grateful and thankful to the veterans who fought / fight for us so that we may live the lives we have.

God bless them all and god bless all of us.

Happy Memorial Day -

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My dad is a WWII veteran, and my husband is a Vietnam veteran. May God bless all our wonderful veterans, and I pray that all Americans will stop for a moment and realize that the freedoms and blessing that we have are because of the sacrifices of so many.

God bless everyone!!

Love to all,


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My brother in law, who died of lung cancer (complicated by a long-term heart condition) 9 years ago, was a WWII veteran - fought in Okinawa - and was one of the most important influences in my husband's life -- their father had died when my husband was 2 and Irv, his brother, 14, so Irv loomed large in every possible way in Len's life. Naturally, the first thing Len thought of when he, too, was diagnosed with lc was his brother whom he misses every single day. And with the dedication of the new memorial in D.C., he thought of him especially hard yesterday.

But some of the remembrance is helpful: last weekend, when our daughter and her two boys were here, our oldest grandson, 11, asked Grandpa for help with a school report. He's doing a paper on the battle of Okinawa and was given permission by his teacher to ask for anecdotes from Grandpa about Uncle Irv's experiences on top of the three books he's using as sources. So the two of them spent hours talking about the battle and what Irv had told Len about it -- a sort of memorial day in itself!

Hope everyone has a pleasant a memorial day as this!


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