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Thanks for the Congrats and loving feelings


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Hi Friends, I read Dean's post about our 20th. I am a lucky lady. In Oct; during the prelimary diagnosis date I go by of 10/3/03 (and then test upon test - plus "The So. CA Fire" we survived - it gave us a week off from tests) I had no idea that Dean's Cancer was incurable and might not live to celebrate our 20 years together. He/I/We made it!!!

We really "went for the gold" - On Collectables.com they have a Thomas Kindkade Lamplight Lane Clock with real gold trim - made of porcelin and ceramic - really soothing paintings on it. It's a Bradford limited Ed Clock; so it's an "investment"; but more important is it's sentimental value.

To us; it's "time" in our "nest" painted in peace & tranquility.

At the Restaurant - we went "all out" - Dean getting the House cut of Prime Rib (18oz) and I had a smaller Prime Rib, but "went for" the "combo" and got a 1/2 Lobster tail, too. Really sweet waitress - knew when "not to interupt". Really good food and all in all a wonderful time. (Since Dean's "energy window" is getting smaller and the digital camera wasn't set up; plus our neighbor wasn't home - sometime soon we'll recreate our playing "dress up" for our "date" and pose (takes energy) and recreate "the look" of our 20th Anniversary.

I don't post much. I'm sorta the "back-up" support plus have many medical needs that I am proud to say I can now take care of by myself = less stress on Dean and us as a couple. We're a real "couple" - a Recovering Alcoholic (Dean will have 25 years of Sobriety on Nov 22, 2004) and a Recovering "Nut" (More than crazy times then doing ok for 20 years+; major setback two years ago - but am now "back" and "doing life" and then some). When it comes to problems; Dean uses a "sledge hammer" approach and see what "flies" - I "tap, tap, tap" away - somehow; between us; we have survived a real rollercoaster life together. We compliment each other and some people comment on our "politeness" and "respect" for each other after all these years. We decided to be "us" - going into our relationship with open and honest communication of our needs, individual needs and a shared outlook on life. I love Dean with all my heart and soul. He is my best friend, too.

Thanks to all for the "Congrats"- May you experience the "treasure" of a "love" I've felt all of these years. We've lived a simple life together - but a real rollercoaster of a life at the same time. (Cheesecake at home after the "out to dinner" and I got The Lord of the Dance Video - as we've had a fast paced dance through life thus far). Also; Thanks for all of your support for Dean and me. It seems that Finally "things" are in place and "life" will slow down for us a bit. We're hanging in here. 20 years = WOW!!! (And I was able to pass the Biology class where we met - thanks to Dean - also thanks to Dean for hanging around and loving me). Gay


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Dear Gay,

Thank you so much for sharing all those details. I really enjoyed reading your post very much. I could just see the two of you with your prime rib and having a great time. Congratulations again on your 20th anniversary, and I pray there will be many more.

By the way, I'm confident that Dean was sent to this board by God Himself. I believe that God helps us through other people 98% of the time, and Dean has blessed many people, including me, with his wisdom and insight. Thanks for sharing him with us.



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I agree -- You and Dean are two of God's angels sent to us. You deserve each other, and that's really saying a lot. I'm so glad to hear about your anniversary celebration, and glad you have the clock as a memento of the "time" you've had together so far, and the time you still have. You're a very special couple! (((Gay & Dean)))


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What a wonderful evening!! Thanks so much for allowing us to feel a part of it! You two sound like a couple who were absolutely mean't to find each other and be together... some things just "fit" you know? Love to you both, Sharon

PS. Gay, I don't know if Dean shared with you, but he shared some pretty great words with me regarding my son who was having some difficulties in life. He made a HUGE difference and I will never ever forget that.

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