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When the site is down

Fay A.

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This site exists because of the volunteer efforts of Katie and Rick Brown, the volunteer efforts of the Board Monitors, the volunteer efforts of the members who actively participate; and up until just a few days ago all of the costs associated with this site were being paid for by Rick and Katie Brown.

I know that those of us who have the disease and those who are caregivers are under a lot of stress. And we have more than our fair share of bad days....but that's a pretty poor excuse for sending angry emails attacking Rick and Katie or anyone else. It's like biting the very hands that have been holding OUR hands through the roughest of times.

Katie and Rick could have done what most folks do when their loved one passes away. They could have left us. It's a normal thing to do to move on. But they chose to stay, and they have extended themselves to our members time and time again.

And though I shouldn't have to remind anyone, this past Sunday when the site was down and Katie and Rick were receiving angry and hateful emails, they were also dealing with their first Father's Day without Katie's Dad, who passed away in September of last year.

I hope that if you were one of those who sent the unkind emails you will write to them and apologize. They have forgiving hearts, and they didn't disclose who authored the unkind emails. And in future try to remember that we are all here because we are all hurting, and scared, and in need of one another. So we have to be kind to each other.

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Fay, you pointed out something that I hadn't even though about . Ooops. :oops::oops: Katie and Rick would have been getting those emails on Father's Day and that is just absolutely disgraceful. We all had read about how Katie felt about that impending day. I am appalled at this even more than I was before.



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I think I'm astounded that anyone would express anger at Katie or Rick over the shut down! :shock:

I admit to suffering some major withdrawal, myself. :roll: And I did write to inquire if there was any word when the site might be back up....not even expecting a reply as I figured people were very busy behind the scenes. But I DID receive a brief reply from Rick....despite how busy I'm sure he was.

Cyberspace isn't a perfect place. I've been involved with message boards before that shut down temporarily. It happens. I may not be the most patient person in the world...but sending angry emails or "biting the hand that feeds you" doesn't make much sense to me!

I'm just very glad that my daily haunt is back up and running. I do check in here a few times a day...and miss it (and all of you) terribly when I can't. I worry about some....and for others, I'm impatient to hear their good news.

I don't think anyone doubts how important this place is to all of us....how much support, help and information is available here....but let's remember not to misdirect our angst or anger when the site is down! Instead of firing off an angry email....it might be a lot more productive to make out a check to donate to the operation of this site...eh? :!::!:

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Very well put Fay. I just do not understand how anyone could be angry

enough to send hate mail over something that was not anyones fault.

To do such a thing on fathers day just makes it all the more of a really

bad an inmature thing to do. I hope whoever sent the mail is ashamed

of there actions. Haylee

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I am in awe of the members of this board and their generosity. And especially the aultruistic nature of Katie and Rick to continue to help us fight this disease through this website, despite the loss of Jessie Dewey, which is truely inspiration. Katie could so easily have closed that chapter of her life to make things easier on herself. She instead chose not to let Jessie's life be in vain, and use her experience to help others. Thank you Katie, Rick, Connie, Jane...... and all of you who make this board possible. Shame on anyone for sending "hate mail." We don't need ingrates, just find another board to complain on.


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hate mail my god

whats the matter with you people you know who you are

i to visitied and found the site down

but I knew right away there were tec problems

no way this site would just shut down

come on folks .....get a grip

its not like someone did it on purpose

as far as i'm concerned with out the people who help run this site none of us would be here suporting each other - keep up the great work!!!!

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Here Here Fay! Whoever sends hate mail needs to be on their way! THANK YOU Katie and Rick for all you do!!!!!! This site was my lifesaver during my mom's battle. When Katie and Rick lost Jessee they continuously supported all of us through this website. I myself find it truly admirable of them to do this. I admit I don't think I would have had the strength after losing my mom. And then for someone to have the audacity to send hate mail is appalling, to say the least.

THANK YOU Katie and Rick from the bottom of my heart for all your work. You are loved and appreciated by so many.

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Thank you guys and gals for the support!! We really love you guys and since this site was started, my immediate family has grown over 1200 individuals.

We will always be here so if the site is ever down, it is definitely a techie problem.

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