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Bonesacn and mri results


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My father had both the bonescan and mri on Thursday last week. His doctor called him on Monday to tell him he needed to see his Radiologist on Tuesday. He did and now has to do 10 doses of radiation to his left hip joint for pain.

We had our regularly scheduled chemo today only to get more bad news. Not only does he have cancer in his right lung, bronchial tube, and L4 in his back, now it is in his neck, sternum, ribs, middle back and both hip bones. The doctor has changed his chemo though. He is now on Topocitan(?). 3 weeks on, 1 week off.

We have our annual family vacation schedlued for July 10th to Florida. Dad is more determined than ever now to go. Please pray that every thing goes well and we have a wonderful time.

I am so down now. I feel like everytime we go all we do is hope for good news and all we ever get is bad news. Does anyone ever get a break?

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ONE prayer sent......Don't give up and stay strong your father will need all you can offer...Just watched a old show that Robert Stack hosted called unsolved mysteries,they had a story of a Army Major just married 6 day's and while jogging was struck by a car traveling 52 mile's a hr and later determined to be brain dead.His wife refused to accept his apparent death and went into his room and prayed believing with out a doubt that her husband would be brought back to life.

He not only shocked the Doctor's into recovering but left the Doctor's admitting there was medically nothing they could have done for him and even more amazing to the Doctor's he recovered with no brain damage or physical disabilities.So do not give up and in case your not aware of it Neil Cavuto of the Cavuto report on Fox had cancer and at one time was only given week's to live......SO PRAY and trust in GOD to not only heal your Father but the strenght to accept his will......

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Guest bean_si (Not Active)

I surely hope that you and your dad get a break. I'm thinking positive thoughts and sending prayers and good energy your way.


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Your father's news sounds very similar to what we heard on our last report. Ginny told me it only feels bad for a few days, and after that we would be right back in there fighting, and she was right. It will take a few days to recover from the shock of the news, but there is still so much hope and so many more things that can be done. I think it just takes a while to let it soak in and get used to it - then you will be ready to fight with everything you've got.

God bless you,


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