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Update on hubby


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We went for his CAT scan on wednesday and then to the radiation doctor on Friday, got reports and there is no change. So I guess you would say it is good news because it hasnt spread any more and bad news because it hasnt shrunk at all. We see the onc.on July 12 to see what he says and what he wants to do. The radiation doc said that the cat didnt realy show his brain mets that well like an MRI would so she said to see what the onc. wants to do. So the stess continues. Oh he had to see a nutrishenest because his weight is down 20 pound he is now on megace to help his appetite and she gave us some samples of stuff to try and gave me some ideas to add calories to his food she said he can not loose any more weight because he is loosing muscle mass so he has to start eating more than he has. Will update again after July 12. Charolette

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Stable really is a good thing, but I can tell from the tone of your post that you are still discouraged, especially because of the weight loss. I know that each time we go for these follow-ups we are both scared to death the cancer has spread and at the same time praying there is shrinkage. So, while stable is good, it's not always the "music" we would like to hear is it? Hang in there, Charolette. I know that every day dealing with this disease is really hard and we watch our loved ones like we're waiting for an explosion or something, but try to relax and enjoy each and every day. Smile a lot, laugh a lot, tell jokes - this will lift his spirits, and yours, too.

I'm praying for you both,



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Sorry you were disappointed. Everybody is different. Sounds like they need to try a different chemo. If only we knew why some work better for some people than others.

I think the future will be in sensitivity analysis to determine at the beginning of treatment which drugs work the best for the specific patient. Seems like advancements are soooo slow in coming.

Praying for comfort and shrinkage!

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Stable IS good!! I know we all want to hear NED (No Evidence of Disease) but one small step at a time. Have you tried Ensure or any of those type of drinks? They are supposed to be good for keep/putting weight on.

Blessings and Prayers to you and your family!

Grace & Peace,

Kelly :)

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Oh Char,

I know how disappointing it is when we don't here 'yep the treatment is making those darn tumors go away'. But, I have found, that I will take stable every time.

As I have stated here so often, I truly became a 'food nazi'. 'Just one more bite' became my mantra.

Enjoy stable.

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Maybe not exactly the report you were hoping for...but I have to agree with others that "stable" is pretty darn good news! Now...about that weight loss....I know it's something I've been really focused on. Even adding butter, gravies, grated cheese on veggies helps! And if he likes milk shakes...then pick up some of that Weight Gainer 2200 at GNC. A scoop of that with some milk and ice cream will surely help!

I know it's harder when you're the caregiver. A couple of times when my appetite has been almost non-existent....my hubby kept suggesting this or that and NONE of it sounded good. :( When I finally came up with something that appealed to me....I just ate it whenever I was hungry. For example, I found that those single slices of American cheese went down pretty easy. So whenever I felt a bit hungry...I'd go grab a slice or two and eat them. Some days, I ate more cheese than anything else :roll:

Hope you find a couple of things that he enjoys eating and hope the tips the nutritionist gave you will help too! Do ask about that Weight Gainer 2200 powder, too. It comes in flavors and you don't have to use as much as they recommend...but adding some to a shake provides good protein and calories!

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