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Hello again, I have not posted for quite some time. If any of you remember, our friend Bob had surgery for stage 2, squamous cell lung cancer about 3 months ago. He did very well with his recovery. There were 2 out of 8 lymph involved and they removed about a third of his lung. No follow up treatment was advised because the doc felt his age (76) and general health (emphysema) were against it. He would not get another opinion on that . My question is about his new problems. He has been all of a sudden in terrible pain in the groin area and thighs. His primary doc has been dealing with it as though it were a bladder and prostate infection, and there seems to be some of that there, but it has been 3 weeks and nothing is helping with the pain. He has oxycodone which he took post surgery, but that helps him sleep a couple of hours and thats it. He is sleeping about 2 to 3 hours a night . He went to ER last night and they say there is no bladder problem bad enough to cause this much pain and are sending him to a urologist. He never had an onc. , only a lung doc and a surgeon. An ER doc suggested last night that the bone should be checked and his wife said that he had a PET scan in March and she did not believe there could be bone mets this fast since there was nothing in the bone then. I feel concerned that there may be. Can anyone share anything about that type of location and intensity of pain?

Thank you so very much

Love and prayers for all.

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Hey Nell,

I just lost my mother to squamous cell lung cancer at noon yesterday.

The doctor told her she was stable in May. How could she have been?? She had pain in her legs. One especially. She also had pain in her groin area and thought she had pulled something. It was the cancer all along. She broke her femar (sp) on monday by simply putting weight on it. We were trying to get her from the car to the wheel chair. I couldnt believe it.

Please, please dont take chances. I wish we had known. I wish the doctor would have warned us about bone pain and what it would mean. We would never have transported her around on such weak bones. After the x-ray in the hospital they told us the other leg was about to break.

What a horrible disease.


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I couldn't agree more. Further testing should be done immediately and you should talk to his wife AS WELL AS HIM about the value of second opinions. There is such emphasis today on treatment as the best insurance against recurrence. My husband is close to his age - 75 - and is doing very well on chemo.


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Well, I spoke with his wife last night again and she says he is seeing the urologist today, but that she is getting more concerned about a possible met to bones. I told her I did not want to scare them but that I really wish they would get more scans done. Told her that I know it is scarey for them but that his pain, which is getting worse with each day, has to be managed and to do that we have to know what is the cause. I think they just don't want to believe it could be a met .

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Today Bob's urologist told him this in not any bladder , prostate or kidney problem ,they are all fine, and that he needs an MRI right away, but I am really pushing them to request a pet and or bone scan. The urologist said he was concerned about the cancer being in the bone, and at least they both heard him say that. He gave him vicadin for pain, and it is making the pain barely liveable for about 2 hours. Sure need your prayers. Will an MRI show anything if there is a met to bone?

I agree, he needs an oncologist for sure. Will update soon as we know more. Don't know why the gp is so slow to act. Pushing hard on them to push for more scans.

Thanks for your thoughts and prayers, we sure need em.

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The MRI is the best picture to see what is going on there, from what our Dr. says. Then a bone scan. Bone mets can come on very quick. My husband had pain so severe in his hip/lower back area and it wasn't even big enough to see yet! The sooner he's checked the sooner the treatment can start. It seems to take forever before anything is done, and by then the pain is so bad. Please tell them that time is of the essence!


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